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Best New Reissues: Sonic Youth, Franz Ferdinand, Black Truth Rhythm Band, Sea Power, Scott Fagan and The American Analog Set.

Best New Reissues

Best New Reissues: Sonic Youth, Franz Ferdinand, Black Truth Rhythm Band, Sea Power, Scott Fagan and The American Analog Set.

Banger after banger after banger; no matter where you turn, we playin’ bangers.

We are starting the week loudly with an absolute lightning bolt from the Sonic Youth archives. Walls Have Ears is a set of live recordings that have appeared as various bootlegs over the years, now finally issued for the first time officially under the band’s auspices. It is pure fire, a document of the band in full flow with Bob Bert’s last shows behind the drums before Steve Shelley took up sticks. Culled from three 1985 gigs in the UK between Brighton and London, there is such a lot of tension. It’s hardly easy listening, but it’s pretty vital stuff.

Available on limited Indies-only Silver / Grey coloured vinyl.

Released twenty years ago the other day, Franz Ferdinand’s absolute belting self-titled debut LP gets a one time limited ‘Orange and Black swirl’ pressing to celebrate this anniversary. Do you remember, it was just everywhere? I remember being in a supermarket and they played Take Me Out over the isles, it was trippy. It was absolutely all conquering, but it wasn’t just well drilled hype, this was and is a proper cracker. Full of knowing gestures to guitar pop greats, but vivid and fresh and loads of fun. Classic.

Soundway presents a long-awaited remaster and re-cut of the 1976 album Ifetayo by Trinidad's Black Truth Rhythm Band. It has such a rare groove, jazz and funk influences with little bits of traditional calypso too. Some albums you can sell by talking about the magic, this one you just have to stick on the stereo for like ten seconds. Flys out the door. Really good vibes.
Love Excels All
Do You Like Rock Music? HELL YAR WE DO! Man, we have REALLY been enjoying cranking up Sea Power this morning with a limited 15th Anniversary pressing of the band’s effervescent Do You Like Rock Music? There is such a lot of dynamism. From the brooding and sonically vast tracks that make the album so rich, through to the euphoric radio bangers (and terrace screamers!) Waving Flags and No Lucifer. A really great album and it’s been a proper joy to revisit it.

Easy Easy Easy Easaaayyy!!!

• This anniversary pressing is housed in a Gatefold sleeve with Glow In The Dark varnish to the front cover. LP1 is pressed on Orange colour vinyl and LP2 is pressed as a picture disc.

A right treat on Earth Recordings this week with South Atlantic Blues, the long lost 1968 debut album by singer-songwriter, Scott Fagan. Sixties Greenwich folk scene psychedelia, but there is such a lot of soul going on too, and a real sweetness. Really breezy.

A fascinating one on Decca this week with a reissue of Miles Davis’ soundtrack to the film Ascenseur pour l'échafaud. It’s a really fascinating story, both the original and the new liner notes document the album’s wild recording session.

A reminder that we have a new deluxe edition of Austin Peralta’s stunning Endless Planets album in the shop this week. We wrote a little about how much we love it for Sunday Classic.

Lastly today, Numero have put together a 5LP boxset called New Drifters to celebrate Austin-based The American Analog Set. It compiles the band’s first three studio albums; The Fun Of Watching Fireworks, From Our Living Room To Yours and The Golden Band that were all released on the Emperor Jones label, with b-sides from the same period plus outtakes and demos. Slouchy vibes with real warmth.

- Drift