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Records of the Week: Eels, Oneohtrix Point Never, Trees Speak, Chris Forsyth, Dope Body and Joni Mitchell.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Eels, Oneohtrix Point Never, Trees Speak, Chris Forsyth, Dope Body and Joni Mitchell.

Sayonara, October. Our last set of new music for the month and there is plenty.

Hello, Friends.

At last, prepare to take First Flight! Our Record of the Week is full of monumental jams for miles, courtesy of Chris Forsyth and a supergroup of famous friends that include Dave Harrington, Ryan Jewell and Spencer Zahn. As Forsyth explains; "Remember live music? First Flight documents about 40 minutes of jams recorded during the third week of my September residency at Nublu last year, and, for me, this show was just about the most enjoyable hour of music I played all year. Prepare to get locked in, this really is cosmic stuff.

+ Very Limited Indie version, the first 150 copies of the print run are pressed on translucent yellow coloured vinyl. 

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, A flowing, woozy and utterly amazing headspace from 0PN. This LP is honestly amazing, it hops all around the frequencies like a possessed radio, fragments of tones and hooks. In lesser hands it would veer from jarring to annoying, but Daniel Lopatin has weaved something here that is hallucinogenic and creates a web of subconscious connections. Incredible stuff this, highly recommended.

+ Indie exclusive pressed on transparent yellow vinyl.

You all remember how wild we went for the Trees Speak debut Ohms album right? Well, the Arizonan duo are back with more Motorik bangers on Shadow Forms. This new LP keeps to the pallet of Harmonia, Can, Cluster, Popul Vuh, Neu! et al, but also brings in some really fascinating tones that are distinctly more ambient, almost filmic. Weird and wonderful this.

+ Our LP includes a bonus 7" single.

Chris Forsyth, Dave Harrington, Ryan Jewell & Spencer Zahn

EELS return with the release of their highly-anticipated new album Earth to Dora. Whether overtly sad, or just lurking in the background EELS have always made such emotional music. Earth to Dora is melodic, often breezy and full of sumptuous production. In a dark year we need as many optimistic albums as possible and this is right at the top of the playlist.

Dope Body return on Drag City after five years away with Crack a Light. This is deliciously weird and sludgy rock. Loads of drive and every single second sounds superb.

Another heavy return with Carlton Melton and Where This Leads on Agitated Records. Huge drawn out riffs, spacey as you like. 

+ Very limited indie 2LP version is pressed on coloured vinyl; one disc transparent green, one disc opaque marbled green. Only 300 copies worldwide, only 150 of which will be available for UK Indie shops.

Also this week; E3 AF is the seventh album from musical innovator and MC legend Dizzie Rascal. We have limited Yellow vinyl copies too. Jim White returns with the brilliantly weird Misfit's Jubilee on Loose Music. Peter Broderick releases Blackberry on Erased Tapes. Thrash Jazz inovators Mr. Bungle release The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo. Last few copies of the wild colour vinyl online now. Black Foxxes release the self-titled Black Foxxes, big riffs and includes a limited edition pressed on orange coloured vinyl. The pristine Echo Collective release The See Within

Don your cloak. Lift It Down is a woozy record of psyched out shapes. Created by notorious cult leader Jeremiah Sand and his followers before a series of mysterious events and disappearances occurred. Or so they say. Super limited purple vinyl via Sacred Bones.

Joni Mitchell

sMemphis Industries deliver a 20th anniversary reissue of Blue States' Nothing Changes Under the Sun. Multi-instrumentalist Andy Dragazis' debut is full of swooning cinematic vibes and lo-fi crunches. This is only the second vinyl pressing (Blue & Yellow fyi) of the album since 2001 and comes with a limited edition bonus disc of previously unheard songs entitled “Trinity Tapes”.

We have a Blue Note Tone Poet series edition of Duke Pearson's The Phantom. The iconic self-titled opener is worth the entrance fee alone here. Also on Blue Note, Herbie Hancock's My Point of View, the pianists remarkably assured second album.

We have a new edition of The Who's 2019 album WHO this week, with a deluxe CD package including an acoustic performance recorded 50 years to the day since the seminal Live At Leeds show. We also have a hyper limited 6 x 7" boxset version, but that will be landing early December.

Sleaford Mods reissue early works  Austerity Dogs and Divide And Exit on their own Extreme Eating label. Both are pressed on transparent colour vinyl.

Wewantsounds drop a much sought-after reissue of Omar El Shariyi's cult Egyptian instrumental classic, Oriental Music. Such strong vibes, we've been playing this back to back over here.

Not just the best Christmas album of all time, but straight up one of the most perfect albums of all time. We have a very limited last few copies of Vince Guaraldi's timeless A Charlie Brown Christmas with a special 'singing and dancing' lenticular sleeve edition to mark seventy years. Very cute, don't miss these.

Ending this week with the start of a pretty thrilling new series. The Joni Mitchell Archives will be looking back at one of the most singular and pioneering voices ever to record. This first set includes a 3LP edition of Live at Canterbury House – 1967, a single LP of Early Joni – 1963 (Joni’s earliest-known previously unreleased recording where a 19-year-old Mitchell performs at CFQC AM, a radio station in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) and a deluxe 5CD set called Vol 1 The Early Years (1963–1967) that features nearly six hours of unreleased home, live, and radio recordings that flow chronologically to paint a rich portrait of Mitchell’s rapid growth as a performer and songwriter during the period leading up to her debut album. We also managed to copy a few of her beautiful Morning Glory on the Vine books too.

Pretty magic all this, the very earliest sounds from a remarkable career. Joni Mitchell enchants, singing as clear as a bell.

Loads to listen to on our website. On reflection it has been a week of rich musical directions. Enjoy!

- Drift