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Records of the Week: Leon Vynehall, Ya Tseen, Manchester Orchestra, Beachy Head, Teenage Fanclub and The Coral!

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Leon Vynehall, Ya Tseen, Manchester Orchestra, Beachy Head, Teenage Fanclub and The Coral!

Part One: The new. A week with a lot going on, which - as ever - is sounding great!

Hello, Friends. 

Welcome to part one of the week's Drift dispatches, focused today on the (new) new music released this week.

Released this #newmusicfriday we have two absolutely massive new releases that we were thrilled to present to you as exclusive Dinked Editions.

Coral Island is the most ambitious, grand and personal outing from Merseyside icons, The Coral. The double album is a wonderfully sentimental set, with the band in the company of "crooks, sell-by-date candyfloss and plastic skeletons." It's picking up rave reviews, and rightfully so, it's a real treat.

Another big return with Endless Arcade, the tenth studio album from Teenage Fanclub. The highest compliment is that this sounds both quintessentially 'Fanclub-ish', whilst finding fresh new tones amongst the jangles and heart plucking harmonies. 

Leon Vynehall - Rare, Forever

Our Record of the Week - for the last time in April - is Rare, Forever, the excellent new LP from Leon Vynehall on Ninja Tune. It's such a fascinating one as sonically it sounds cavernous in its hugeness, but the textures are so minute and precise. It really is beautifully constructed and although it builds up to quite a beat, it's amazing how often you *think* you are hearing something out of the shadows but it might not be there. Smart and addictive stuff, this. 

+ LP includes 10-page booklet. 
+ Whilst stocks last, we'll be putting some really nice pin badges into orders. 

Indian Yard is the debut album as Ya Tseen from renowned visual artist Nicholas Galanin. Developed with bandmates Otis Calvin III and Zak Dylan Wass, it morphs with fluidity around brooding pop, snapping rap beats and even flashes of psychedelia. Lush production and it all really grows on you.

+ We spoke to Nicholas for Deluxe and that will be in the forthcoming 23rd issue.

Without ever sounding staid, The Lucid Dream are one of the most consistent bands of the last years, with tense and massive walls of sound. They have brought in really killer electronic, percussive beats for this new LP - The Deep End - and it expands their sound right off into the horizon.

The first thing to remind you all, Manchester Orchestra are neither Mancunian nor an orchestra, but the Atlanta quartet do make massive alt rock and it's really quite affecting. Grand is the name of the game on The Million Masks of God, it really is massive in every way.

+ Available on limited pink vinyl.

+ We are also expecting - very shortly - a limited transparent red vinyl pressing of the band's proceeding fifth LP, A Black Mile to the Surface.

Drift Record Shop

Beachy Head is the self-titled debut LP, from the combined forces of; Christian Savill (Slowdive), Rachel Goswell (Slowdive), Matt Duckworth (Flaming Lips) and Steve Clarke (the Soft Cavalry) under the direction of label owner Ryan Graveface. Manages to sound like its creators whilst also not? A sort of bleak euphoria, it's a great listen.

+ Very limited oxblood red vinyl pressing.

Typhoons is the huge third album from Royal Blood. Crunching riffs with more timbres from the pop and electronic worlds.

+ Indie shop exclusive Blue vinyl, printed outer and inner sleeve.

She Walks in Beauty is a unique new album of poetry from Marianne Faithfull, set to the music of Warren Ellis. Also features Nick Cave, Brian Eno and Vincent Ségal. 

+ Double LP on limited White colour vinyl.

Recorded sporadically over five years from 2015 to 2019, Sixty Summers is the new LP from Julia Stone, created in collaboration with Thomas Bartlett (aka Doveman) and Annie Clark of St. Vincent.

Daptone release Lila, the new LP from NYC the Grammy-nominated group of NYC based Moroccan expats Innov Gnawa. Such great vibes, it sounds hot, dusty and full of rolling licks against the hypnotic percussives. Really lush, this.

+ Indie LP is pressed on Sahara Dune coloured vinyl.  

Wrestling is the much hyped (and very good!) debut LP from KUČKA on Lucky Me. She's worked with a number of high-profile collaborators - producing and singing on tracks with artists as diverse as Flume, A$AP Rocky, Vince Staples, SOPHIE, Fetty Wap and Kendrick Lamar - but this one feels very much like an album she has crafted under her own voice. Excellent, experimental electronics. 

The Fellowship is a set of spacious, ambient Jazz meditations from Toronto saxophonist Joseph Shabason. It's really lush actually, but we blew it on the preorders and we're just trying to get more. Write the name down, check him out, come back.

We're expecting Death From Above 1979, Hooveriii and Moontype all to land shortly, keep an eye on the Drift site for these. We also have a surprise release going live on Friday that some of you have already been digging around the site, trying to find. 

Also tomorrow we'll be dropping you a line about the [Not New] Records of the Week, featuring; Metronomy, Can, PJ Harvey, GBV, Roger Webb and more. 

Thanks for all getting involved with the GOOD STUFF thing we did, we'll be emailing people this evening and tomorrow with secure payment links. We'll  run it again in the future.

And lastly; we're going to be a little bit open again as of this Saturday! We'll talk more about that later on our socials, but looking forward to seeing you back over here.

- Drift