Primitive And Deadly. Earth announce their return, we lose our minds.

This September, one of the most important active bands (certainly to us) in the world will release their tenth studio album, titled 'Primitive And Deadly'.

So this in isolation is already killer news, but while you listen below to the first track to be released (From The Zodiacal Light), digest the following nuggets from the press release;

* This will be the first Earth album to feature vocals since Kurt Cobain sang on their debut EP

* Legendary vocalist Mark Lanegan sings on two songs on the album.

* Rose Windows’ vocalist Rabia Shaheen Qazi delivers a incredible vocal performance on “From The Zodiacal Light”

* Renowned guitarist: Brett Netson (Built to Spill) is the featured 2nd guitarist on the entire album.

The album is up for preorder now and we'll be able to play it in the shop in a fortnight or so.

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