Getting into the Delian Mode

We've known about this one for a while, but we couldn't shout too much as we knew they'd sell out before they had even arrived.

This weekend we took stock of a small consignment of The Delian Mode on gatefold 7", a must have for anyone with a passing interest in Delia Derbyshire, early electronic music and the realms of bleeps.

Delia Derbyshire's work at the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop in the 60's was recognised initially for her realisation of the now iconic Doctor Who Theme which was written for the show by Ron Grainer. More recently though, she has been celebrated for her own compositions and experiments at what was then the cutting edge of electronic music. Here on 7" vinyl for the first time are two of her pieces, one written for a TV documentary in 1967, Blue Veils and Golden Sands, in which she used her own voice and a handy green BBC lampshade.

In parts serene, haunting, chilling and rousing. Someone has uploaded excerpts to youtube here, not often we advocate that route but it is music that wants to be heard.

We really don't have very many of these at all, so please usher directly to the shop to avoid disappointment.

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