April 2021 at Drift and when we'll be opening that door of ours...

April 2021 at Drift and when we'll be opening that door of ours...

Hello, Friends.

I think it was the third phone call of the day asking for the specific details of "when you'll be open" that spurred us into action to drop a little update of where we're at and what April, May and a little further on will look like at Drift.

Firstly, we're so hyped that you're excited about coming to see us, we're excited to welcome you back, but this will not be physically in April 2021. The government advice allows us to do so, but we actually have quite a few logistical updates that we need to implement before we can do this. For one, we just took delivery of a few thousand cardboard mailers and we're not sure that we can fit us, them and you in the building. We are workinonit.

Drift DIY

As you might have seen on our wonderful Instagram feed, we have best-bud Paul working on some new fittings for us. It's going to almost double our capacity for new and new-not-new records which is really exciting. We'll also have two new members joining the team specifically to make the shop run super-smooth, look super-nice, taste super-charged and smell super-clean. It was at the point of painting our windows up with our Dry Cleaning installation that we realised that the rest of the building really does need a good freshen up, so whilst everyone else is getting ready to hang the COME IN AND BROWSE signs, we'll also be breaking out the CAUTION WET PAINT sign. That is Drift in a nutshell.


The other big news at Drift concerns our sister division, Sea Change. We are delighted and very proud indeed to confirm that we were successful in our application for the second round of the Cultural Recovery Fund. Sea Change has been awarded a grant that enables us to plan for the future and bring back the event that we absolutely love. We are hugely appreciative to both ACE and DCMS and we are all working hard to ensure that we utilise this amazing opportunity to make a genuine cultural recovery and excitedly plan for the future.

It feels so good to be able to plan and we can't wait to tell you more in the coming weeks.


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