Best New Reissues: Franz Ferdinand, PJ Harvey, Blackalicious, Karen Dalton and English Fairy Lore.

Full racks, including; Franz, Polly, Karen and Fairies.

Hello, Friends. 

Hits To The Head is a twenty-track greatest hits collection spanning the almost 20 year existence of Franz Ferdinand. It really is a corking set (plus two all-new bangers!) from the vaults, ever propulsive rock and roll. Really nice packages too, with extensive liner notes from JD Beauvallet (former editor of Les Inrockuptibles) and exclusive, unseen photographs. 

More LP copies due this week, including the limited red vinyl copies.

A monumental one today with the PJ Harvey reissue series coming to a conclusion, with her ninth and most recent album, The Hope Six Demolition Project. The 2016 LP was famously created in sessions open to the public as part of an art installation at Somerset House in London called Recording in Progress. Viewers could see Harvey create the album through one-way glass with producers Flood and John Parish. The process make it all the more interesting on this edition to include a demos companion release, including really lush sleeve art based on one of PJ's drawings.

As if we hadn't already said it numerous times in the last few years, Polly Jean Harvey is one of the most remarkable artists of the last thirty years, a proper national treasure.

Andrew Wasylyk - Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia

For a second week running we bring you reissue news of the excellent Blackalicious, with their duo's third album - The Craft - back in the racks. A more subtle set after the panoramic Blazing Arrow, but full of rich funk and soul tones (even featuring a guest appearance from the iconic George Clinton). We really loved Blackalicious.

Karen Dalton's absolute masterpiece In My Own Time receives a 50th Anniversary Edition from the excellent Light In The Attic. All tracks are from 2021 transfers and newly remastered, they sound absolutely amazing, like, proper chills. Now, here is the come down... The LP formats are due in November, we think. There will likely be a colour variant, but specific dates, colours and dreams are all on the back burner till the Autumn.

In more positive news, to celebrate the release we have a VERY limited 7" single, with Angel Olsen covering Something On Your Mind, with Karen's original on the other side. 

A little trio of arrivals that are more new than not new, but arrived since we last spoke and not ones for you to miss.

How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars is the superb new album from The Weather Station. In many ways a sister album to Ignorance, this stands on its own as another deeply personal and fascinating record from Tamara Lindeman. One of the most engaging and distinctive voices about, love her. Very limited Gold vinyl copies in the shop... Now!

Ravines is the new LP from Spaceship, a.k.a. Mark S. Williamson, a musician, sound artist and educator based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. A super engaging pathway between ancient and modern, analogue and digital.

And we did tell you that it was close, the beautiful Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia from Andrew Wasylyk is in the house. We get excited about every part of Sea Change, but we really are extra excited about welcoming Mr Wasylyk.

Various Artists - Swifter Than The Moon's Sphere: English Fairy Lore

Lastly today, a new compilation hot off the presses and just through the front door. 

Folklore Tapes present Swifter Than The Moon's Sphere - English Fairy Lore, a beautifully curated set focusing on small magic people. Hazy, fragile, delicate, weird and gloriously strange, it's a beautiful set (including; Mary & David, David Chatton Barker, Emily Oldfield, Ian Humberstone, David Jaycock, Mary Stark and more) and the presentation is just wonderful. Coupled with a 30-page booklet of artist research, notes, illustrations, and an essay by friend of Drift Jez Winship. Whether you knew that you were into Fairies or not, you are and this is essential.

- Drift

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