Best New Reissues: New Life Trio, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, MBV, Foals and Zola Jesus.

Best New Reissues: New Life Trio, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, MBV, Foals and Zola Jesus.

If you’re up for ‘off the beaten track’ listening, then today is well and truly for you!

Hello, Friends. 

Welcome to a new week with some really lush reissues for you. Firstly, Finders Keepers have performed some serious musical archeology this week with a rare pressing of New Life Trio Visions Of The Third Eye. I remember having to listen to this on youtube when we really got into Steve Reid. This tremendous collaborative effort between the late great drummer Steve Reid, guitarist Brandon Ross and bassist David Wertman is an absolute spiritual jazz classic, recorded in just one day back in 1979. Amazing rhythms, amazing builds, it's a pure hypnotic glory.

If you're up for a proper Monday trip, we have The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's Part One (1967), Vol. 2 (1967) and Volume 3: A Child's Guide to Good and Evil (1968) on the racks. Dark, sinister and properly psychedelic, all three are amazing experiences. Each edition is reissued in mono from the original master tapes and are all pressed on limited colour vinyl pressings. 

Help, I'm a Rock! Excellent stuff, get stuck in.

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Timing in nicely with the bands new Life Is Yours LP, Foals this week reissue their splendid Antidotes album. Their 2008 debut had a frenetic post-punk energy, but there was always something else in the glossy production that made them stand out. This single-run pressing has been manufactured using recycled vinyl records and all copies will share a mottled, marbled effect. Each individual record is unique, no grumbling if you don't like shades of brown or whatever.

Following last years reissue series, Domino have made my bloody valentine's extraordinary 1988 debut LP Isn't Anything available again. It really does sound insanely good and the deluxe package (gatefold tip-on and board-mounted sleeve with sealed front pocket, printed polylined inner sleeve, inserts to rear pocket) really is lush. A reminder that we also have loveless instock on that lush deluxe pressing too!

As part of the Sacred Bones Records anniversary celebrations, the label have pressed Zola Jesus' Okovi album on a limited Clear and Black Splatter vinyl pressing. It looks so good! Gothic pop with so much style, some of her finest moments to date.

We also wanted to flag up some 'just in the building' arrivals, with revered saxophonist Charles Lloyd releasing Trios: Chapel via Blue Note and Perfume Genius' absolutely stonking Ugly Season on Matador. We've naturally been playing that a lot!

We'll be announcing Dinked Edition 206 tomorrow morning and we're just getting all of our ducks lined up for some other big preorder announcements this week too.

Hope that you're all easing into the new week.

- Drift


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