Black Friday, December, Love Record Stores and open doors.

Tomorrow is Black Friday. We shall be behind closed doors.

Black Friday
We have a few-dozen exclusives (with some real gold from; Sunn O))), Beastie Boys, Vince Guaraldi Trio, Bill Evans, Beverly Glenn-Copeland and more), but the punchline is we can't sell them to you until 6pm. It's something to do with Record Store Day, or the USA? COVID?

But no-one likes a moaner, so let's just spend all of Friday eagerly counting down to 6pm, shall we? All of the releases are in the Record Store Day collection and the 'buy' buttons will go live at 6pm.

Love Record Stores
Announced earlier this week, Love Record Stores returns in December with a first, the inaugural Independent Albums of the Year, as voted for by a panel of shops. It was great to get involved in this and there are two dates for next week's diary, with the full list going live on 3rd December and an amazing collection of special edition releases going live on our website at 6pm, Saturday 5th December. Absolutely full of the amazing titles that we have been championing all year so we're dead excited for this one. Christmas has come early.

We've also had a few nice emails about visitors 'coming to see us as soon as you're open'. Although the Government will probably have found someone to say that it is safe and advisable that retail shops open again, we're afraid that we can't snap back into that mode, just like that. We've spent a big part of this year building up what we do with the website and we actually have a few weeks of serious shipping to do, with some big New Music Fridays and both of the sets of special editions we detailed above. The website has kept us in business and we have made a great number of new friends in doing so.

We'll find a way to open a bit before Christmas, but the most likely-situation is that we'll be able to offer door service as-of around Saturday 12th December. We'll keep looking at the diary and how we can adapt and update; nice and clearly online, in all of the places. Click & Collect is still totally fine and we are based in the shop running the website, so do get in touch.

Lots to be excited about. We'll get there, folks.

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