Drift Sunday Digest: 14th February 2021

Drift Sunday Digest: 14th February 2021

Did you know that Saint Valentine is also a patron saint of epilepsy?

Hello, Friends. 

We're starting off today's digest with news of one of our good friends and neighbours. Dark Lustre is the first non-non-fiction book from Roy Wilkinson, author of 2011's 'Do It For Your Mum' and long term ally to us and Sea Change. An "alphanumeric fictive progression", Dark Lustre is published in six instalments that are rooted in our contemporary world, with a wild whodunnit spanning Barnstaple, Berlin and Bavaria amongst much else. It's the sort of thing we love to get stuck into.

Dark Lustre in only available by mail order direct from Roy's website and ships in instalments with wonderful detail and paraphernalia.

“Wonderful… hugely enjoyable" - Caught by the River

"Superb… giddy like Bill Drummond on West Country fly agaric." - The Quietus

"Thoroughly enjoying this sinewy work from Roy Wilkinson." - Marc Riley


The Salmon Universe label took over the monthly Golden Ratio Frequencies show on NTS yesterday, and our Leo was responsible for one of the hours of 'chill zones and head music'. It was a super way to ease into the weekend, and you can listen again now to ease you through Sunday... Or perhaps ease you back out of the weekend? I mean, it's all good, you can float on demand.

+ Listen again on NTS [More]
+ Listen to Lecu on BandCamp [More]


Every so often, we talk about not-new records on our mailers and on the Drift socials that we just absolutely love. We're the worst offenders for assuming that you know what they are, or have had opportunity to hear them for yourselves (yet). This week we're starting an ongoing thread of being much clearer about all this with Slint's quite amazing second album, Spiderland.

It was released on Touch and Go Records in March '91, which makes it just a few weeks off turning thirty. With artists like Black Midi and Black Country, New Road making difficult music and finding an audience in 2020-21, its amazing looking back at Spiderland as - in many ways - the first post-rock album and one that sounds as out of place and utterly seminal now as it did then.

Lance Bangs' Breadcrumb Trail documentary (focusing on the Spiderland LP) appears to be on YouTube right now, a really engaging watch if you're interested. We've also picked a couple of good articles about the album.

+ Read | The Guardian "the album that reinvented rock" [Read More]
+ Read | Pitchfork (10) "landmark second album" [Read More]
+ Watch | 'Breadcrumb Trail' Documentary [Watch Now]

As affirmation that our Digest has little to do with selling stuff, we actually can't currently physically get hold of Spiderland, we're working hard to rectify that wrong. However, we do have a very limited second pressing of the highly sought after RSD20 - Breadcrumb Trail / Good Morning, Captain - 12" with two original mixes that were not used on its release in 1991. 


🔗 Next time we're going to talk about an album made by the man who shot the Spiderland sleeve!

Have a great rest of weekend.


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