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Drift Sunday Digest: 20th December 2020

Drift Sunday Digest: 20th December 2020

Hello, Friends.

Well, here it is... Merry Christmas. We have spent hours and hours (so you don't have to) navigating the Rat Pack, Elvis, hours of Spector sound and all sorts of minor Christmas musical misdemeanours to bring you an evergreen, definitive Christmas gift; The Drift-Mas Playlist.

Featuring: Ralph Willis, Tom Waits, Donald Byrd, Glenn Jones, The Kingstonians, Felix Gross, Nina Nina, Wings, Mae West, Funk Machine, Bobby Nunn, Boris Karloff, plenty of Vince Guaraldi and a huge number of yuletide treats.

There is a rough narrative of finishing work late, pushing hard to get home, getting tight, peeling potatoes and giving thanks, but across the six hours you can as easily hit random and enjoy decades of seasonal joy.

On Friday 25th we'll be hitting play around 11am with an ice cold sharpener and getting down to some serious peeling, roasting and over doing it. Do join us.

Tune In:

Fiona Apple

The Guardian have chosen Fiona Apple's quite amazing Fetch The Bolt Cutters as their 2020 Record of the Year. We really love it too. As part of the appraisal, Laura Snapes interviewed Fiona Apple and it really is quite brilliant. She doesn't do many interviews so to have that insight presented in such a thoughtful and intimate way really is a treasure.

+ The Guardian: Fiona Apple on the album of the year, Grammys hypocrisy and how #MeToo helped her get sober. [Read More]

+ Drift: Available on a very limited 'Pearl Opaque' double vinyl pressing. [Shop Now]

Lee O'Connor

Our Lee - the one whose six foot snowman with vegetable phallus window art caused so much controversy last year - always makes the most amazing Christmas card this time of year. The ongoing 'Highly Questionable Santa' series is one of our most favourite parts of the season.

You can look back through the last decade or so on his excellent blog here.

Peel Dream Magazine

Chord X: A selection of songs chosen by Peel Dream Magazine.

To further celebrate Peel Dream Magazine's Agitprop Alterna (our № 10. Deluxe Record of the Year) we have a promotional mix the band made of influences, friends and idols that was first included with copies of Agitprop Alterna sold at Big Love Records in Japan.

Physical CDs are going into all decent orders, you can also tune in online here.

Drift Goods

Knowing that you all know how much we love a fresh cup of coffee, and seeing as we have some serious kit in the shop for your own home set up, here is a starter guide on making a really banging cup of coffee.

+ Drift: Making mighty fine coffee with your v60 rig [Read More]


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