Drift Sunday Digest: 7th March 2021

Talking town planning, ice cream and newspaper. It all pertains to records too!

Hello, Friends. 

"It took me 10 years to recover from being a one-hit wonder."

Eddie Chacon, the man who hit worldwide fame with 1992's chart topping 'Would I Lie to You' as the Eddie part of Charles and Eddie, spoke to Andrew Male in the Guardian last September about the highs and ultimately hitting rock bottom. It's a fascinating story and it makes hearing his voice on record again all the better.

As you will have read, his new LP Pleasure, Joy and Happiness was released last week and we've been playing it a lot.

The Guardian | ... poured his pain into a cathartic comeback. [Read More]
Aquarium Drunkard | Interview [Read More]
Video | My Mind Is Out of Its Mind [Watch Now]

Above: Eddie Chacon photographed by his wife Sissy Sainte-Marie.

Carlo Pistacchi
Meet Carlo Pistacchi, the Venetian ice cream maker with a 26,000-strong record collection...

An absolutely fantastic interview and feature on the Vinyl Factory website this week with the aforementioned Carlo, the owner of the Alaska gelateria and likely biggest reggae collector in Italy. No obvious credit for the writer or photographer, but it's super charming and MY GOD did it ever make us miss Italy and a good old-fashioned Gelato!

Vinyl Factory | A Legendary Figure in Venice. [Read More]


We talked briefly about Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan the other week. It's a superb new LP of Ambient/Kosmische Synthesizer vibes. The first pressing just FLEW, but we have more en route later next month.

We happened to mention it on Twitter, and two excellent new friends actually posted some pictures from the Runcorn New Town master plan book. It's totally fascinating. Amongst those who got in touch was @dublock75, the man responsible for the excellent album. If we've got the link right, you can go here and view some of the pages. It is dead good. 

Deluxe 22

Heading out to all good record shops as we speak, we're delighted to launch the 22nd issue of our Deluxe Newspaper.

Read more about it here.

Have a really great weekend.

- Drift

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