Drift Sunday Digest: Talking about Denim And Leather, Electricity & Lust and Transatlantic Recommended Retailers.

Hello, Friends.

If you have visited Drift in the last week, there is every chance that you've found us to be playing Def Leppard. This is largely to do with Michael Hann's absolutely belting Denim and Leather: The Rise and Fall of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The book is an essential deep-dive into the world of British Metal, specifically NWOBHM. It's a total riot, we're only half way through but it is really highly recommended.

The birth of Monsters of Rock festival

We've flagged up some extra reading to get you in the mood, we're also diligently working on a killer playlist.

"‘If I get covered in urine, that means I’ve arrived" - Read Michael Hann describing the birth of the Monsters of Rock festival for The Guardian.

Financial Times | "how the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was forged" [Read More]
Kerrang | "the definitive account of English music’s most metal movement…" [Read More]
The Quietus | The Loveable Raconteurs Of NWOBHM [Read More]

Electricity & Lust

Electricity & Lust. We've been meaning to re-post this for ages, and as regular readers will well know, it takes the faintest nudge for us to talk about Pavement.

The always essential Aquarium Drunkard have produced a fantastic piece to celebrate Slanted & Enchanted's 30th Anniversary this month, looking at the fabled promo tapes and re-creating a full live version of the album from live tapes cherry picked from over the years. Absolutely mint!

Listen | Pavement’s Slanted & Enchanted — Live!

Slanted & Enchanted turns thirty on 20th April 2022. 420. Come and join us at Drift at 4.20 on 420 and we're going to play it back as it was always intended. Loud and loose.

In the Spring of 2012, we asked our very good friend Anika Mottershaw to illustrate us a map showing a collection of ‘Transatlantic recommend retailers’, shops we knew or had been personally recommended, who sell fine records in the UK and USA. It was out first ever commission for our Deluxe Newspaper and ran in issue number one. 

The original is framed at Drift. In the last seven years there have been many changes to the landscape. Maybe we need an update? Maybe we need a reprint? They're great right?

Read Deluxe | deluxenewspaper.com

Lastly today, to answer the chap who asked about my tee-shirt, the kids who asked about my pin badge and the confused guy on Instagram, Stone Club is the place for all Stone enthusiasts to congregate, to muse and most importantly to stomp to stones. 

They have some killer events coming up, including programming at Sea Change next month. We'll start telling you more in the coming weeks, but if we are excited, you should be excited too!

🗿 stoneclub.rocks

Have a great rest of weekend.

- Drift

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