Drift Sunday Digest: Talking about Shirley Collins and Jacques Cousteau...

Drift Sunday Digest: Talking about Shirley Collins and Jacques Cousteau...

Digging a little deeper with Collins and Cousteau.

Jacques Cousteau

Hello, Friends. 

This week we finally got around to watching Liz Garbus' beautiful Becoming Cousteau documentary, a deep-dive (intended) into the life of adventurer, filmmaker, inventor, author, unlikely celebrity and conservationist Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The footage is pure magic, rich and mysterious. Really can't recommend highly enough spending the afternoon deep under water with Cousteau and team.

Alongside Michael Nesmith, Jacques Cousteau is an all-time beanie-hunk. The iconic red beanie appears a good amount in Becoming Cousteau (hence the famous Steve Zissou / The Life Aquatic reference) and we're delighted to report that our own Drift cable beanie will be back in stock in the next few days. We'll have to fully discuss it here at the HQ, but when the restock does land, we might well have to rename the bright red "Gut Feeling" colourway to "The Jacques".

+ National Geographic | About Becoming Cousteau
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+ Shop | Drift Cable Beanie
+ Vice | Watch "The Experimenters"
+ LA Times | A Lifetime Spent Fighting for the Environment

Shirley Collins

First published in 2005, the excellent White Rabbit Books have partnered up with true Queen Shirley Collins to issue a new pressing of her 'America Over the Water', the affecting account of her year-long stint as assistant to legendary musical historian and folklorist Alan Lomax. This definitive edition includes a new introduction by Shirley Collins, and not only that, Shirley has very kindly hand-signed copies for us. Officially out next week, the books landed with us over the weekend and has sent us off down many a Shirley avenue. Conversations, films and other performances linked below.

The portrait above of Shirley was photographed by Aubrey Simpson at the 2018 Sea Change Festival. Shirley hung out at Drift (knocking back tea) for most of an afternoon and was an absolute joy, cheering on the Dartington Morris Men and pulling off some serous High Fidelity attitude when someone asked if "... all folk sounds the same?"

"Shirley is a time traveller, a conduit for essential human aches, one of the greatest artists who ever lived" - Stewart Lee

+ Paste | "...Put Your Heart at Ease" [Read More]
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We've updated the Drift Recommends playlist if you're looking for something new, tune in below on here on Spotify.

Have a great weekend.


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