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Making mighty fine coffee with your v60 rig

Making mighty fine coffee with your v60 rig

Knowing that you all know how much we love a fresh cup of coffee, and seeing as we have some serious kit in the shop for your own home set up, here is a starter guide on making a really banging cup of coffee.

Our current coffee bean squeezes are East London based Dark Arts. In the shop at the moment we have some amazing African and South American beans.

We have both plastic and ceramic Hario v60 drippers, we also have some excellent filters and the essential hand grinder. We have also been really enjoying drinking out of the most exquisite Dor & Tan ceramics. 


1. Boil your water*, approximately 250ml for a good mug.

2. Grind 15g of coffee beans**, aiming for a medium-fine texture***. 

3. Place your V60 on the mug, insert a filter paper and soak with hot water to remove any papery taste, and to warm the V60 and the mug.

4. Discard the water.

5. Pour in the coffee grounds, ensuring they are evenly spread.

6. Pour just enough hot water to thoroughly wet the grounds, then wait for around 30 seconds.

7. Slowly pour more water, using a circular motion, avoiding the edges where the grounds meet the paper. If you are using scales, you're aiming for 250g. Without scales, keep an eye on the cup filling. The whole process should take around two and a half minutes.

* Aim for just off the boil, water temperature should be around 92-96 ºC.

** The v60 includes a measure/coffee scoop.

*** It's all about developing your own blend. If the brew is too weak, try a finer grind. If the water drips through the coffee too slowly, make the grind coarser.


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