Record Store Day 2017

Record Store Day 2017

If you are going to be joining us for Record Store Day this year, here is some info that you might find useful.

Record Store Day 2017 is Saturday 22nd April. We have our buddies from Too Pure Records in the house and we'll be liberally cracking into drinks and records throughout the day.

Here are some guidelines to explain how we run RSD at Drift to try and have as much fun as possible.

* We open the doors at 9am and we let in ten people at a time so that the shop doesn't get too hammered. Once those guys have browsed, picked and started queuing, we'll let in some more of you. 

* We will be selling coffee, accepting tributes and answering questions from about 8am.

* In all honesty, we do not know exactly when the queuing starts. We've had people camp out all night, but if you seriously want specific releases, you're going to want to be outside at around 5am.

* You can buy as many releases as you want, but ONLY ONE OF EACH. There is literally no story compelling enough for us to break this rule. Please don't ask.

* We will be stocking just under 250 exclusive releases. You can browse them and the prices here;

* On certain titles (All Bowie releases, The Smiths, The Cure, Cocteau Twins, The Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, U2) we will have only a handful of copies. We have honestly gone as fucking hard and deep as we possibly can on stock... we wish we had more.

* We are @driftrecordshop (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) on the social sites, please say nice things about us there. All of our brothers and sisters in record retail will be using the hashtag #RSD17, so we will join in.. as can you!

* Please do not hammer us on the phone, we can not and will not put anything aside.

* If there is anything we did not stock that you wanted, there is a relatively good chance we can get stock in as of Monday 24th. There will be a requests box to post us notes, or you can email

* There will be gifts, prizes, raffles and all sorts of other good things happening. 

* One year a guy tried to get a bit fresh with one of the staff about pricing, buying multiple copies and something else... he left the shop with nothing and was not welcomed back. That guy was about a 1/3500 sort of RSD customer, let's keep it that way right?!.. this is about celebrating what we all love, llet'skeep calm and have fun.


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