Records of the Week: Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul, Michelle, Duncan Marquiss, Porches and Band Of Horses.

There is a lot of pop to this week’s new set, come and join us.

Hello, Friends.

Our first Record of the Week for March 2022 is Topical Dancer, the high-gloss banger from Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul. Their debut studio record is co-written and co-produced by Soulwax (and released in partnership between Because and their own Deewee label) and it positively oozes with the lushest synth tones. It is just super-fun throughout, there are inventive little production flourishes and some really killer beats to lock into.

+ Indie 2LPs are pressed on Black and White colour vinyl. 

After Dinner We Talk Dreams is the new LP from NYC collective Michelle and it is truly maximal. Weaving in and out of R&B, 80s synth pop, jazz and indie, it's such a vibrant listen without feeling bolted together or crowded, it's just hyper sensory. Really good.

+ Indie LPs are pressed on Ocean Blue colour vinyl.

Drift Records

Wires Turned Sideways In Time is the debut LP from multi-disciplinary artist Duncan Marquiss. It is released on the ever excellent Basin Rock label and has the beautiful acoustic tones you might expect, but the way parts of the album build with hypnotic layers is really special, some delicious headspaces here.

All Day Gentle Hold! is the fifth album from Aaron Maine as Porches. Superb production, these are short, hard and super-present pop songs, it's a bubbling listen.

+ The LP is pressed on limited Brown colour vinyl. 

Things Are Great is the first full-length in over five years from the Seattle-based Band Of Horses. Way more raw than their last couple, sounds like something of a mini redux.

+ Indie LP is pressed on Translucent Rust colour vinyl.

Venezuelan/Guatemalan-American singer-songwriter KAINA returns with It Was A Home. The album has such a nice lightness to it, really breezes along with subtle earworms and hooks. Features guest appearances from Sleater-KinneySen Morimoto and Helado Negro.

+ Indie LP is pressed on Clear colour vinyl.

Couple of other massive pop records to flag this week with Stromae's Multitude and Kawala's Better With You (that includes a limited Mint Green colour vinyl pressing).

Originally conceived as a "sleep" mix for the esteemed CRACK Magazine, Eartheater re-sculpted her entire album Phoenix into a seamless ambient edit with the La Petite Mort Edition. We've got so much time for her, a provocative, skilled and really fascinating producer. Listen to both back-to-back.

Drift Records

We have just a few copies left of Arab Strap's Aphelion 7" on Rock Action.

Expecting both CMAT and Ill Considered to drop shortly, keep an eye on the Drift website.

Some superb reissues this week (expect more in your inbox Monday), with; The Lemonheads, The Coral, more Ian Carr, Francesco Messina and the AMAZING Harold Budd The Pavilion Of Dreams LP.

Lastly today, our second Dinked Edition of the week is Deliluh's Fault Lines and my word... IT IS AMAZING. We don't have all that many and trust us, once you've heard the dark magic, you're gonna need more.

- Drift

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