Records of the Week: CoN & KwAkE, Revelators Sound System, DC Gore, Hooveriii, Tallies and Damon & Naomi.

We’re slowly bringing July ‘22 to a close with another fine set of new releases.

Hello, Friends.

Record of the Week is Eyes In The Tower, the debut LP from the duo CoN & KwAkE on Shabaka Hutchings' Native Rebel Recordings. Confucius MC and Kwake Bass are rooted in both Jazz and Hip Hop and the way the album meanders through an evolution of the two key genres is really evocative. Recorded at the iconic RAK studios, there is such a great live energy here.

All These Things is the debut album from DC Gore, formerly of south London trio Little Cub. Very much in the mould of pop music disruptors like Neil Tennant and Jarvis Cocker, there is a dark and satirical line running through the album, but the production feels effortless and ingenious as it bubbles away. A great journey, well worth checking out.

+ Available on exclusive Curacao Blue colour vinyl.

Revelators Sound System is the collaborative musical project of MC Taylor (Hiss Golden Messenger) and Cameron Ralston. Revelators - the instrumental set - drifts through jazz, ambience and spiritual grooves, beautifully articulating the turmoil and existential wonderings of its two authors. Had it running a few times this week and we keep finding more on repeat listens, really good stuff.

+ Available on exclusive Transparent Green colour vinyl.

Connor meets DC Gore

Iconic indie folk pop duo Damon & Naomi (Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, formerly of Galaxie 500) return with a dreamy collaboration with Japanese guitarist Kurihara. A Sky Record really is lush, languorously paced without ever feeling like it's idly ambling. 

+ Available on Blue colour vinyl.

Los Angeles psych-rockers Hooveriii (pronounced "Hoover Three" remember) return with the dazzling A Round Of Applause via The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Still big riffs and plenty of wigouts, but there is quite a focused swagger to the more pop structured songs that sounds weirdly familiar. 

+ Available on exclusive 'Bone Inside Ocean Blue with Bone Splatter' colour vinyl.
+ Available on Neon Purple colour vinyl.

Multi-instrumentalist Joseph Allred returns on Worried Songs with the brilliantly delivered The Rambles & Rags of Shiloh. It's a very hard task to find new space in traditionalism. 

Bristol-based artist Jemima Coulter releases the self-produced Grace After A Party on Hand In Hive and it really is a treat. Angst and experimentalism against really gratifying, grungey riffs.


Toronto-based indie pop band Tallies release Patina on Bella Union and it really has a vibe. Channelling a bygone era of British alt music, it has shimmer, reverb, dark and light. Really good and avoids unnecessary sentimentalism. 

+ Available on Duck Egg colour vinyl.

Also this week; Philadelphia rock band Friendship debut for Merge with Love the Stranger which includes an exclusive White and Blue colour vinyl pressing. Duo Deap Vally release the genre-bending Marriage album with collaborators KT Tunstall, Peaches and jennylee. Available on both Transparent Red and Orange Marble colour vinyl pressings. Country rock and rollers Whiskey Myers release the massive-sounding TornilloHalf Man Half Biscuit's rollicking The Voltarol Years is now in the building on vinyl.

Lastly today, Mary Lattimore and big amp ambient pioneers Growing have united for their first collaboration, Gainer. Naturally, it is a thing of beauty and there is so much depth and space, a sonic treasure. 

+ Available on Translucent Red colour vinyl.

Some great reissues to chat with you all about soon, also the magnificent Speedy Wunderground Vol.5 compilation

- Drift

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