Records of the Week: OSEES, Moreish Idols, Danger Mouse & Black Thought, Rich Ruth, Hudson Mohawke and Kiwi Jr.

Tell you what, it’s an absolutely rollicking week whichever way you turn!

Hello, Friends. 

Boy oh boy, this week's new set of releases is just marvellous! A multitude of directions and all of them sounding superb.

One of these days, as they say, John Dwyer's OSEES will deliver an album that doesn't blow off the top of our lids, wrap our faces in a toothy grin and give us the full body shakes. Today folks, is not one of those days. A Foul Form is an absolute slab of jacked up rock. Turning down the psych, ramping up the metal, it is full on, frenetic and a total rush. "Brain stem cracking scum-punk recorded tersely in the basement of my home", as the main man himself explains.

+ Available on limited Red colour vinyl.

If you want to talk about a hype collaboration, how about the inimitable Danger Mouse and Black Thought of The Roots! Cheat Codes is Danger Mouse's first hip-hop album in some seventeen years - since his 2005 DangerDOOM collaboration with the late, great MF DOOM - and Black Thought’s only full length collaboration beyond his pioneering music in The Roots. Honestly, this is so so so good; confidence, energy and such a flow to it. Not only this, it features guest appearances from; Raekwon, Run The Jewels, A$AP Rocky, Michael Kiwanuka and MF DOOM!

+ Also available on limited Red colour vinyl!

Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes

This week, on "pure gold from Speedy Wunderground corner", we have the Float EP from Moreish Idols. A euphoric whirl of jazz, funk, krautrock, dub and punk; the energy here is amazing. Absolutely love this and can't wait to hear more.

Recorded under a loft bed in the guest bedroom of his Nashville home, I Survived, It's Over is the new LP on Third Man from Rich Ruth (AKA Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist Michael Ruth). Serene, evolving, ambitious and just a really beautiful set of neo-spiritual jazz compositions. This is already proving to be a go-to head-space; can't rate this one highly enough.

+ Available on very limited Light Blue colour vinyl.

Chopper is the third studio LP from Canadian janglers Kiwi Jr. and they have tightened up the songs and broken out the synths. They've worked with Dan Boeckner on production to retain the melancholy, but really twist themselves into tight and shimmering pop knots. Really great vibes.

+ Available as 'Loser' editions on Clear colour vinyl. 
Drift Records

Cry Sugar is the incendiary return of Hudson Mohawke, truly cranking the anthemic maximalism! The Scottish producer was inspired by apocalyptic film scores and soundtracks; and that darkness is a terrific underbelly to the glimmering and breakneck production. Sonically, you just have to marvel at it.

+ Available on exclusive Blue colour vinyl.

We discussed Elaine Howley's utterly beautiful The Distance Between Heart And Mouth a little earlier in the week and it really is an honour to have this record on the racks this week with a Dinked badge. The album is built around a 4-track cassette audio diary that Elaine kept between 2019 and 2022, a woozy and varied collection of influences and inspirations. But this is no hazy by numbers mixtape, the pacing is amazing and the way it ebbs and flows is just stunning. Very highly recommended indeed.

Japanese experimental veterans Boris release Heavy Rocks this week on Relapse Records and they are not cocking about! Fuzz out, screaming, driving, thrashing, raucous, doomy and drowning in feedback. It's a right rush, this.

+ Pressed on limited Gold colour vinyl.

Also this week, a reconfigured Kasabian release The Alchemist’s Euphoria that includes a limited Orange colour vinyl pressing. Pale Waves are in fiery form on new, third LP Unwanted. Super producer Terrace Martin's DRONES album finally gets a physical edition, with a limited Red colour vinyl edition. We've been playing this a lot.

Reissues on the racks also this week from; Pavement, Cigarettes After Sex, Lambchop and the quite amazing Andy Bey.

☀️ Stay cool out there!

- Drift

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