Records of the Week: P.G. Six, Slowdive, Pale Blue Eyes, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Hey Colossus and Sigur Rós.

Records of the Week: P.G. Six, Slowdive, Pale Blue Eyes, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Hey Colossus and Sigur Rós.

Music that’s perfect for pensive thought as we progress into the Autumn.

Hello, Friends.

It came as a huge and very welcome surprise when Murmurs & Whispers was announced by Drag City just a few weeks back, a new LP from New York songwriter P.G. Six. His previous Starry Mind album was released just a fraction over twelve years ago and remains a huge favourite here. Mostly rooted in acoustic instruments (plucked guitars, stirring drones and plenty of harp, which is truly transcendental), there is a strong sense of the traditional and the pastoral. That said, this is such a fascinatingly crafted set with weird and unpredictable turns, truly flowing through weirder psychedelic country. Just wait until that burned-out electric guitar pops through, it’s all thrills and chills. Record of the Week and very highly recommended.


A pretty epic one for the walls this week is everything is alive, the expansive new LP from Slowdive. It’s graceful stuff, quite minimal and unfussy, but it feels so thoughtfully constructed and has plenty of lifts. There are a few shoegazing crackles (and just enough to show anyone who has seemingly picked up the mantel in their wake how it’s done), but in this latest version, Slowdive the band shows off that they can take you on a trip without the walls of sound.

+ Available on either Pink, Clear or Black colour vinyl pressings.
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We do love it when a local band bursts out of the scene and we have followed Pale Blue Eyes over the last few years with glee. Continuing their vigorous trajectory, they release their second full LP this week with the poignant, This House. Whereas the first album borrowed liberally from forty years of joyous moteriks, this second LP finds the band finally landing in their own synth pop space, somewhere between an eternally upbeat Lush and the irrepressible pop pomp of The Cult.

+ Both the CD and LP formats include a Drift exclusive iron-on fabric patch.
+ Available on Clear or Green colour vinyl.
+ The band play an outstore next Friday night.

Data Doom is the super-fun new LP from American psychedelic rockers Frankie and the Witch Fingers. For fans of old, they retain the heavy and rhythmic psych and this one can smash you against the wall. For new fans (of which we expect this one to make many!) the weird icy synths and almost funk drive is deliciously weird and really enthralling. A great band in flex mode.

+ Available on limited and exclusive Blue colour vInyl.
+ Our Dinked Edition has long sold out.

Also to be filled under heavy is In Blood, the deeply dark return of Hey Colossus. That certainly isn’t to suggest that this is in any way straightforward, it’s a smart and morphing new version of Hey Colossus with aged folk gestures and sharp gothic riffs swirled into the mix. Great stuff.

+ Pressed on Red colour vinyl

South-London-based Puma Blue returns via Blue Flowers this week with the new Holy Waters LP. The production is great, all really crisp and present with loads of texture. Sad, but not depressing and his vocals are really great.

+ Available on exclusive Transparent Blue colour vinyl.
+ We have signed polaroid prints to give away.

We wanted to flag up that we got a restock on the very limited DeYarmond Edison Epoch LP box. It’s quite the thing. We also have a handful of copies of Daniel O'Sullivan’s Rosarium, which really is gorgeous.

Lastly this week, ÁTTA is the first album in a decade from Sigur Rós, and it is very Sigur Rós-ish. Simple gestures played out to maximal effect with huge crescendos. The orchestration is quite stunning and they crash and swoop to really rousing effect. It is subtle, but feels like one that will grow to hold a much-loved place in their discography.

+ Available on limited double Yellow colour vinyl.

Reissues include; Hydroplane via World of Echo, Neil Young, The Boo Radleys, Wilco, Earl Sweatshirt and some insane musical archeology via Numero. More on all of them next week.

- Drift


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