Records of the Week: Pale Blue Eyes, Gemma Cullingford, Chris Forsyth, George Fitzgerald, Steve Earle & The Dukes, Sniffany and the Nits and Bitchin Bajas.

Records of the Week: Pale Blue Eyes, Gemma Cullingford, Chris Forsyth, George Fitzgerald, Steve Earle & The Dukes, Sniffany and the Nits and Bitchin Bajas.

Easing into September with a really great set of new releases. It's quite synthy!

Hello, Friends. 

Our first Record of the Week for September is the debut LP from Pale Blue Eyes, a band very close to us at Drift. They've been entwined with the Drift machine for as long as we can remember; they also formed at our Sea Change Presents festival and played it for us twice. Souvenirs is a document of band taking a wide set of inspirations and riding the Motoriks into their own unique pastures. Think of the euphoric melancholia of Echo And The Bunnymen and the always-controlled drive of New Order. 

+ Available on Indie Exclusive 'Pale Blue' colour vinyl.

Tongue Tied is the second solo LP from Gemma Cullingford of Sink Ya Teeth. It is a lush combination of the homespun (entirely self-produced from Gemma's humble home studio in Norfolk) and richly observed, with tones across new wave, electroclash, acid house and all the experimental clunks in between. Her vocals also are superb, holding it all together in a very human way. Great stuff.

We were thrilled to work with Gemma again on a Dinked Edition (No. 190) and she hand-made us a superb package. We've just put the last few copies online and on the counter... Now!

+ Neon Yellow Vinyl LP / CD with Instrumental version of album / Original 12"x12" screen print, individually signed & numbered by artist Kelda Storm / Tongue Tied Untied fanzine with download code / Signed & numbered Dinked sticker / Limited pressing of 400.

Gemma Cullingford - Tongue Tied

Evolution Here We Come is the new long-player from absolute hero of the six string, Chris Forsyth. His albums are always must-haves and utter sonic treats, but it has to be said, this really is a euphoric new set for the old and new heads alike. Motorik drives, floating synths (right out of the Stereolab playbook) and a hell of a lot of riffs. Always gratifying, never bloated, this really is mint!

Stellar Drifting is the new LP from electronic producer George FitzGerald and it is pretty expansive stuff. Using a variety of club rhythms and dance music timbres, it moves around in a really interesting way and guest vocals from SOAK, London Grammar and Panda Bear keep it really lively.

+ Available on Indie Exclusive Clear colour vinyl.

Bajascillators is the first new full-length record in some five years from the brilliant Bitchin Bajas. This really is an extraordinary head space, a suite of bleeps and chimes that build and evolve beautifully. We just can't rave enough about what a special sonic trip this is.

Steve Earle & The Dukes release the sublime Jerry Jeff this week, a tribute to the iconic Jerry Jeff Walker. It completes the triplet with his previous odes to Townes Van Zandt (09's Townes) and Guy Clark (19's Guy). Musically it is delicious, a buoyant and flowing backdrop to Earle's voice that sounds effortless and brilliantly characterful.

+ Available on Indie Exclusive Clear colour vinyl.

Floyd William Henry Molasses

DJ, producer and founder of the world famous Beat Junkies crew, J. Rocc revisits his LA underground hip-hop roots on new album A Wonderful Letter. Such warm instrumentals and everything flows like a mixtape or the changing of a radio dial. Great guests, The Koreatown Oddity in particular.

+ Available on Indie Exclusive 'Smoke and Orange' colour vinyl.

Sniffany & The Nits are a deranged and deliciously obnoxious punk band from London featuring members of Joanna Gruesome, Ex-Void & The Tubs. The Unscratchable Itch is a riot, a gothic take on Punk with zero effort to conform. Visceral stuff.

Thou's various covers have been compiled as a new release titled A Primer Of Holy Words. Heavy vibes, with takes on Soundgarden, Shellac, Minor Threat, Pearl Jam and a lot of Black Sabbath!

+ Pressed on Indie Exclusive 'Wavy Gold' colour vinyl.

Middle Eastern psychedelic groovers Sababa 5 have collaborated with vocalist Shiran Tzfira on the infectious four-track Rali EP. Exuberant Disco shapes that really got us going.

Dumb EPs is a compilation of the first two EPs by the excellent LA-based band Dummy. Sonic sketchbooks with killer hooks and hints at where they went next and are likely still to go. Such a great band. This has been remastered especially for vinyl by Simon Scott from Slowdive.

Lastly, a couple of releases just landed with us and are well worth flagging up. Opening the Door is a set of dubby house meditations from Mood Hut cofounder Jack J. Such a breeze to this, a sort of ambient take on yacht rock. Also on Mood Hut (from fellow cofounder Ian Wyatt) is Expanding Horizons, the new album as Local Artist. Whereas his earlier releases held more of a house space, this really drifts beautifully into a spacious and evocative haze. Great companion releases and both highly recommended.

Killer reissues incoming too from; StereolabHorace Tapscott Quintet and special pressings of Haroumi Hosono, Nancy & Lee and Sly Stone via Light In The Attic. Phwoar!

- Drift


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