Records of the Week: Porridge Radio, QUINQUIS, Portron Portron Lopez, Beach House, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, SOAK and Vacant Gardens.

You know, this week is an absolute corker.

Hello, Friends.

Honestly though, this week... 

Our Record of the Week is Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky, the searching and adventurous second album from Porridge Radio. Its ambition is matched by the emotional sincerity, with no two songs sounding the same. Retaining the sense of honest catharsis of the albums that precede it, this new LP is a huge step forward.

+ Indie LPs are pressed on baby pink vinyl and feature alternative sleeve artwork.
+ Limited LPs are pressed on translucent Forest Green colour vinyl. 
+ Do you want to win a very limited, painted sleeve? 
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+ Porridge Radio play Sea Change a week tomorrow. [Buy Tickets]

Seim is the sublime Mute label debut from Émilie Tiersen as Quinquis. The album is brilliantly structured, so many organic tones that all interweave and her ethereal voice is lush. We were thrilled to work with her on a Dinked Edition and we have a last few copies on the racks... Now!

+ Dinked Edition 169
+ Clear with orange wisps vinyl *
+ Flexi disc (exclusive cover version) *
+ Signed & numbered print *
+ Limited pressing of 400 *
+ Quinquis play Sea Change a week tomorrow. 
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* EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

Quinquis - Seim

Honestly, Portron Portron Lopez are just one of our most favourite new bands around. Ice Cream Soufi finds the band in full flight, this is such a riot. Pounding drums and guitars that whip and crack in ragas and desert rock riffs. We were lucky enough to see them live last week and it was excellent, really joyous! Also available as a very limited Dinked Edition.

+ Dinked Edition 189
+ Black vinyl LP
+ Alt colour (green) screen-printed sleeve *
+ Bonus 13 track CD, “A Bakers Dozen” *
+ Bonus vinyl 7” of two unreleased tracks *
+ Hand-numbered *
+ 300 copies *
+ One Per Customer

Endless Rooms is the glorious return from Melbourne's Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. We fell head over heels for their jangles and this new LP is drenched in their signature sonics, but it's darker, more focused and just the best kind of expansive. Played this one back to back and it has the best energy. Really highly recommended.

+ Available on a limited edition Yellow colour vinyl "Loser Edition" pressing.
+ We have a limited RBCF test pressing that we'll give away, drop past our socials for more info.

Once Twice Melody is the new album from Baltimore duo Beach House. It is such a vivid return, so many unexpected directions and paths across its 80+ minutes. Still very much the hazy dream-poppers, but with such scope for all of the flourishes.

+ Available as a very limited Deluxe edition on Gold and Clear colour vinyl.

Northern Irish singer-songwriter SOAK releases the stripped-back If I Never Know You Like This Again this week and it's an absolute wrecker. Melancholic without any sentimentalism, it's just sad, but very real. Another of this week's excellent listens.

+ Available on an Indie Exclusive Eco Vinyl pressing.

Portron Portron Lopez - Ice Cream Soufi

Alex Izenberg releases the ornate and woozing I'm Not Here. Classic singer-songwriter vibes, with string and woodwind arrangements courtesy of Dirty Projectors' Dave Longstreth. Got a feeling this'll be getting plenty of play over here.

+ Available on limited Evergreen colour vinyl.

Tough Love drop a Vacant Gardens - Glenn Donaldson of The Reds, Pinks and Purples and Jem Fanvu's collaboration - double this week with Obscene and Under the Bloom, two long players of fuzzy, slow-mo drum machine and ghostly whispers. A heady trip. We also have a very limited 7" single. And all three titles are pressed on Clear colour vinyl.

Also this week; Weird Nightmare is the self-titled debut LP from METZ guitarist and vocalist Alex Edkins. Natural bloops and interdimensional frogs via the digital world with Cool Maritime and the excellent Big Earth Energy.  Charlie Hickey releases Nervous At Night on Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records. Prolific Canadian musician Cedric Noel releases Hang Time on Joyful Noise Recordings. Such a great voice. Epic pop from Harry Styles with Harry’s House (we're down to the last dozen copies on Translucent Yellow colour vinyl). Johnny Marr releases the third part of his Fever Dreams EP series with Pt. 3. Bureau B release Multiversum, the new LP from the iconic Jimi TenorLaura Jane Grace releases the stripped-back seven-song At War With The SilverfishAnimal Emotions is the Warm and funking EP from Teleman drummer Hiro AmaWhen The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings is the ripping new double LP from The Wave Pictures. (A reminder now that the LPs are due in July.)

Lastly this week, Flock is a brand new collaboration between five leading musicians from London's open-minded jazz and experimental scenes; Bex Burch (Vula Viel), Sarathy Korwar, Dan "Danalogue" Leavers (Soccer96, The Comet Is Coming), Al MacSween (Maisha) and Tamar Osborn (Collocutor). As you can well imagine, this is pure hypnotic bliss and right up our Straße!

- Drift

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