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Shipping through December and January

Shipping through December and January

With Christmas lights twinkling, we're heading fast into the twin troubles of both the ever-escalating pandemic and also Brexit, in whatever form it takes. We're reacting continually over here, but we wanted to set this post up to keep you updated on all things shipping.


Updated 22.12.20

We are currently shipping all mail order with Royal Mail and DHL couriers, but we do not expect international orders to leave the UK until after the Christmas break.

+ Royal Mail Help Centre [read more]
+ DHL service updates [read more]

: If you place an order with us and we have the stock to fulfil it, we will do so. It will be stored with our shipping partners whilst they navigate the current (and likely reoccurring) blockage with parcels moving out of the UK. If we are temporarily unable to book in your delivery, we will hold them safely at Drift until we are able to do so.

UK: Officially both Tracked 24® and Tracked 48® services are still aiming to meet their delivery goals, but it would be realistic to expect both to encounter delays due to the extreme quantity of mail in the system. You will receive your tracking info when your item ships from us and the Royal Mail Help Centre is linked above.

We do not promise delivery before Christmas (Royal Mail advised 18th December as their last guaranteed shipping for delivery date) and we cannot be held responsible, not that any of you are mad enough to try and get cross at us.

2021 - Brexit and import duties/tariffs

Updated 22.12.20

Although we have both eyes on all UK Government advice and updates, we do not currently know if there will be any extra charges, duties or tariffs placed on orders shipping to the EU. We are still accepting both orders and preorders, we sincerely hope that information will be made available to us quickly in January and we will advise of any changes once the information and process have been confirmed. In the event of additional charges, we will be unable to absorb these costs and will sadly see them passed onto the customer via the local shipping provider. We will gladly accept a cancelation on any order or preorder before they have shipped.

Drift as a business and as people felt proud to be Europeans and members of the EU. Brexit is already the single most disruptive and destructive event to have affected our business. We still feel the grief of it every day.


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