You have to hear Pill

Andrew Savage from Parquet Courts tipped us off about Pill and we've not stopped playing them since...

Convenience is a record, as are Pill a band, that is super hard to pin down, you can call them No wave, post-punk, noise; they are immune, content to head off in a direction of their own design. There are some moments of supreme freak out, the saxophone really wails but also some mellow moments where they comfortably idle around garage and post-punk shapes. They are so genuinely punk, this is endlessly creative and wildly exciting music made for only the sake of making it... and that is pretty rare these days.

They kindly sent us over a test pressing of the album (complete with stylus popping flecks of gold paint) that we have become very attached too these last few weeks. 

'Convenience' drops on August 18th via Mexican Summer and is highly recommended. 




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