Yung - A Youthful Dream

Yung - A Youthful Dream

Record of the week is the debut album - A Youthful Dream - from the Danish fourpiece Yung. Really smart post-punk-pop songs, life-affirming with plenty of dirge. In places it is quite primal, but it's also got plenty of tender melancholic moments. Nobody can touch the Scandinavians at bittersweet lugubrious.

Mikkel Holm Silkjær explained;

“When we recorded this album we tried to divide the days up like normal workdays. A nine-to-five workday with lunch breaks, that is. I chose ‘A Youthful Dream’ as the title of the album because I felt like that was the best description of it. ‘A Youthful Dream’ is not so much a reference to the fact that young people can be naïve, but more a reference to the appalling naivety some dreams can have. This album is not a dream but sometimes everything around it seems like it.

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