Beach House - 7

Beach House - 7

Record of the Week is album number seven - 7 - from Beach House.

They have always had the ability to create rich sonic spaces, but 7 might be their grandest sonic statement yet. Their earlier work had a roughness that placed them more in line with the shoegazers, before a progression into a modern take on dream pop. 7 falls somewhere in-between. The production is meticulous in its washes and layers but whereas Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars had a certain clinical element to them, 7 very much feels like a band record again. It's more primitive in its approach somehow. A great set of songs and they have delivered an album that is undeniably 'them' whilst subtly introducing new elements and keeping it all hugely engrossing. They are being their best selves, and that's awesome.

+ Limited indie shop edition on clear vinyl.

Beach House at Drift


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