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BEAK> - >>>

BEAK> - >>>

Record of the Week is the third album from BEAK>, an LP that sounds like dreams and memories.

There are loads of things going on here. Pounding krautrock and motorik beats, tear-jerking woozy guitar riffs, warped tapes, dense harmonies, sinister cinematics... it's a really beautiful blurry sound.

Billy Fuller, Geoff Barrow (of Portishead) and Will Young (not of X-Factor) have created something that really does not sound like anyone else. An album you can lock into and get totally lost in. >>> is the sort of LP that we're going to put on at Drift, stare out the windows and just lose time. A pretty glorious little daze. Thinking about it, It might be called "Greater-than Greater-than Greater-than"... it certainly is greater than a bunch of other things we've heard recently.

The vinyl is pressed on black vinyl, housed in a spined sleeve with artwork by Marc Bessant, with digital download card included.