Fabriclive 93 - Daphni

Daphni (aka Caribou, aka Dan Snaith) today releases his first full body of work under the moniker since 2012’s critically acclaimed Jiaolong album and most recently Caribou’s seminal 2014 album Our Love. As part of the Fabriclive series (no. 93), this mix is composed of 23 original, unreleased Daphni tracks and four new Daphni edits.

Addictive and coherent whilst covering diverse tones across funk, house and techno from all the big cities.

"What started as a mix featuring bits of new music gradually evolved until it reached a place where it was essentially a studio recording and barely a DJ mix at all, yet the structure remained. A lot of these tracks were recorded in situ in the mix itself - I'd put one track in place and instead of searching through existing music to find the track to follow it I'd just make an entirely new one." Daphni

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