Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

Pure Comedy is the new studio album from Father John Misty and there are no half measures, this is a goliath. It's an album about everything that is going on, all told via one of the most idiosyncratic (and potentially divisive) singers around.

There are some moments of decadence, but that is all part of how the story is told and the flip side of that are some of the most swirling and straight up brilliant ballads in ages. Previous LP Honeybear was all about love, so in comparison, Pure Comedy does cut a more cynical figure, but you have to hand it to the guy, his eloquence and poise are fiercely unique and he is genuinely very funny too!

+ Deluxe 2LP version on aluminum & copper vinyl, a die-cut customizable jacket with 4 interactive “background” sleeves (so you can have whatever sky you damn well feel like as the cover), all encased in a clear slipcase. Includes a fold-out poster and an exclusive holographic tarot card not available in the standard FJM’s Ha Deck by Ed Steed.

+ While supplies last on the vinyl editions (we're low), receive a limited 7” single featuring the first physical release of fan favourite “Real Love Baby” on the A-side and the as yet unreleased track, "Rejected Generic Pop Song, March '15 #3” on the B-side. 

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