Record of the week is a thrilling slab of Garage. GØGGS is the latest musical incarnation of Ty Segall, Charlie Mootheart and Chris Shaw. It just all comes so easy man... Created in Los Angeles in the middle of the summer of 2015: three years of planning, thirty days of writing, one week of ripping. You can feel the room, you can sence how ti felt ot be there, and that is a pretty astonishing thing to have captured to tape. 

"Of course there will always be a place for new Ex-Cult and Ty Segall records, but hearing these three encourage each other to tap into their inner junkyard dog is harrowing and awesome. It’s kind of like what happened on Slaughterhouse—a group of people who were already dominating at live shows translating that aggression on record" - Pitchfork

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