Hookworms - Microshift

Hookworms return after nearly four years away with their new full studio album, Microshift. From the first beats it's clear that a creative shift has placed more onus on the subtleties of what they do, and that is hugely rewarding.

We love a good wall of distortion and Hookworms very quickly became 'one of our bands' with a tense and charged take on the sort of howl that Hawkwind and Spacemen 3 could produce. On this new album they have taken the bold step of really cutting back the fuzz and placing a clear and very considered emphasis on their abilities as songwriters, in particular as lyricists. Microshift is direct, clear and starkly honest. MJ as vocalist has really stepped out of the waves and he is absolutely brilliant here, as charismatic and arresting as anyone about... he sings it like he feels it.

There is still loads of drive and it's a pretty thrilling set of songs, it's just all the better for feeling like you've been let in a little more. Very highly recommended. 

+ Available as a limited indie edition in a custom printed PVC outer sleeve.

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