Mario Batkovic - Mario Batkovic

One of the most arresting and captivating albums we’ve heard in ages. Very highly recommended. Mario Batkovic is a Swiss virtuoso solo accordion player born in Bosnia and his self-titled debut album on Invada Records is resolutely unique, like nothing else you'll hear this year.

Invada's Geoff Barrow (Portishead) began working with Batkovic in the studio, encouraging him to write in new ways and opening doors for new musical directions. There are no loops, no effects... just a microphone and anaccordion. It took a full year just to work out how to play it that way... masterful and extraordinary.

“I wanted all of the instruments breathing, air noises and the sounds of flapping of claps to be audible. So the handicaps of the accordion can be transformed into benefits, creating a new sound”Mario Batkovic

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