June Record of the Month: Cory Hanson - Western Cum

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Trash Kit - Horizon

Record of the Week is the hugely exciting third LP from Trash Kit

Horizon, via Upset The Rhythm, is totally indebted to a world of it's influences, but the thrilling bit here is the way in which it whips them all up to a galloping set of songs that sound not much like anyone else. Post punk shapes, cascading African guitar licks and a lot of grooves. The three piece (who also play in Bas Jan, Sacred Paws and Shopping) have made an album that's a celebration of their interests, and it's euphoric and brilliant fun.

+ Limited 180 gram yellow Vinyl in Reverse Board Sleeve with booklet featuring Lyrics and Drawings.

+ We also have a few limited copies of their Confidence album repressed on white vinyl. 

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