William Eggleston - Musik

William Eggleston - Musik

Musik is the debut LP from 78 year old William Eggleston.

Eggleston is of course well known as one of the pioneers of modern day photography ("the Pioneer of Color Photography" - NY Times.) and an icon in our world for shooting the Big Star Radio City sleeve, with his work gracing hundreds of other sleeves since.

The wonderful surprise this year is that Eggleston has been sitting on a vast archive of compositions, having first began recording in the 1980s using a Korg OW/1 FD Pro synthesizer, storing his work on handfuls floppy discs. Musik is taken from sessions clocking over 60 hours that have been digitized for this and hopefully future releases. Musik (in the German spelling in honour of “his hero” Johann Sebastian Bach) is a set of 13 pieces that cover a sort of lo-fi contemporary classical, through experimental and ambient. Intimate, serene and really engaging. Been driving around to this a lot, he's really captured some amazing head space.

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