Preorder Rundown: Week 31

Welcome to the always poppin', helpin' you do ya shoppin' preorder rundown!

It's been another plentiful week of new and exciting announcements. Keep scrollin' to hear all about 'em.

Surprise Chef
Education & Recreation
Big Crown Records

One of our favourite current bands, Surprise Chef, debut on Big Crown with their signature 70s soundtrack inspired and ever-so-wonky jazz-funk. This is V COOL.

Peel Dream Magazine
Tough Love

A rich, woozy and sonically adventurous album from the excellent Peel Dream Magazine (aka Joseph Stevens). We are just so enamoured with every part of this, especially the Dinked package.

Frankie Cosmos
Inner World Peace
Sub Pop

The ever prolific Greta Kline returns for her fifth full-length record with her Frankie Cosmos band. Super lush vocals, warm tones and wondrous artwork.

Heavy Rocks (2022)
Relapse Records

Legendary Japanese band Boris celebrate their THIRTIETH year with yet another hugely impressive and innovative record, Heavy Rocks (2022) - their 29th album!

Terrace Martin

Coming NEXT WEEK on record for the first time since its 2021 release is four-time Grammy Nominated artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Terrance Martin’s DRONES. Slick and smooth production here, with an impressive list of collaborators from Kendrick Lamar to Snoop Dog. 

Dumb E.P.s
Sonic Cathedral

I know this is technically a reissue… But I wanted to highlight it because it’s REALLY GOOD. These two EPs from 2020 further showcase their talents as experimental sound explorers akin to Drift favourites Stereolab and Broadcast.

Columbia Records

Okay, there has been negative attention to some of this, and rightly so… But this record is honestly Bey at her very best; and now that she has removed the ableist slur and the stolen Kelis sample, we’re genuinely talking about a near-flawless modern pop record primed to stand the test of time.

Breanna Barbara
Nothin’ But Time
Fuzz Club

Breanna returns for the first time since 2016 with Nothin’ But Time; a rockin', rollin', janglin' and psychedelic tour de force.

Also announced this week; Anti-Flag, Santigold, Whitmer Thomas, The Bobby Lees, and Okay Kaya.

Reissues from; David Bowie, William Doyle, Goat, Lightning Bolt, John Coltrane, Rory Gallagher, Supergrass, Blur and ABBA.

- Leo Drift x

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