Records of the Week: Daniel Avery, Coil, AK/DK, The Psychotic Monks and The Wytches.

Dipping into November for the last time with one final batch of newness. 

Hello, Friends.

Our last Record of the Week for November is Love + Light, the third solo LP from Daniel Avery. An exploration of club culture, full of meticulous details, slow builds and epic gratifications. In a year where none of us can congregate and feel the same thing together, this is a heartbreaking reminder of why it’s so good.

The Psychotic Monks release their FatCat debut Private Meaning First and it is an absolute baller! The French post-punks trade in brittle riffs, but it's the experimentalism (tones of Sonic Youth or Swans) that really set them apart. Play it loud, rattle it all about. Great stuff.

"6" is head-boppingly good cosmic swirls of krautrock and jazz funk from Pharaoh Overlord. Utterly primal vocals that have had us in raptures all week here. Two choices of seriously cool coloured vinyl too.


Friday is a double Dinked release day, with AK/DK and The Wytches* both in the building.

Shared Particles is a huge return from duo AK/DK that really pushes what they can do with the dual attack of synth and drums. Frenetic and utterly full of life... The packaging is also insane!

Three Mile Ditch sees The Wytches return in rejuvenated form with their prickly and thrashing third LP. We just love how loud these guys are, real thrillers.

* The Wytches is due to land with us either today or tomorrow and we'll get them shipped out as fast as we can.

Ascent Of The Ascended is a limited EP including a couple of new tracks and four live bangers from Tim Burgess' Paste Magazine session.

We have a limited blue vinyl pressing of Little Simz's Drop 6 EP. It debuted online smack in the middle of Lockdown I, and we're really glad to get our hands on this.

Limited Paul Weller On Sunset Remix EP this week, with hand picked reworks with high queens Jane Weaver and Gwenno both really going somewhere. 

Billy Joe Armstrong (from Green Day and also the band who played on a float at the start of The Simpsons) releases No Fun Mondays, a selection of covers that have been a source of perpetual inspiration throughout his career. We have a limited Baby Blue colour vinyl pressing.

Lastly, a couple of treats via The Leaf Label. Craven Faults release Enclosures, thirty-seven minutes of music over three epic longform analogue-electronic journeys across the north of England. Also, building upon her dazzling debut album, Photograph sees Keeley Forsyth exploring a more introverted and spacious approach to her song-writing. 

Young Marble Giants

We've been awful excited about Young Marble Giants back on wax for ages!! Domino this week issue a special edition of Colossal Youth, one of the most influential post-punk albums of all time. 

+ Limited Deluxe LP is pressed on Transparent Clear vinyl.
+ ALL formats Include a live DVD of their last ever US show at Hurrah, New York in November 1980.

The Mort Garson reissue series continues with the motherlode and an audiophile edition of Mother Earth's Plantasia. Double LP pressing at 45rpm, this sounds incredible.

Coil's Musick To Play In The Dark is reissued for the first time in twenty years, presented with the original, unedited tracks. Handsome transparent-yellow vinyl too!

Warp / All Saints have put together some real nice reissues of recent Brian Eno releases to include Lux, Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly and the delicious Small Craft on a Milk Sea.

A couple of Jarvis Cocker LPs getting a real nice revisit on Rough Trade, with fresh pressings (plus bonus cuts) of Further Complications and Jarvis. Worth noting that there are indeed colour editions for Black Friday.

Fire have put together a limited indie shop 'Monochrome Edition' of the recent Throwing Muses album, Sun Racket.

Goofin release a deluxe edition of Sonic Youth’s seminal Goo, an all-encompassing collection of remixes, out-takes and rarities.

Deluxe 21

Deluxe Issue Twenty One.
The 2020 Albums of the Year.
Announced Tuesday 1st December at 3pm.

Three absolutely fantastic compilations with us this week.

Strum & Thrum is the first volume of Captured Tracks’ new excavations, dedicated to compiling forgotten music from the 1970s – 1990s that has a connection to Captured Tracks’ sound and aesthetic. We loved this, some of the best jangly indie rock from the 1980s that would go on to inspire future generations.

SEX: Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die... Just in case the title didn't already grab your full, undivided attention! Our good mates at the Stranger Than Paradise shop launched their own imprint this year, and reissued the legendary compilation taken from the infamous Kings Road SEX shop jukebox; it’s glorious. Curated by SEX shop regular Marco Pirroni (of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Adam and the Ants), it’s a hand-selected treasure trove of underground and outsider classics - including Alice Cooper, Vince Taylor and Screamin' Jay Hawkins, to name but a few - all of which were on heavy rotation throughout the mid 70s on Malcolm and Vivienne’s SEX boutique jukebox.

Tokyo Dreaming is a major double-album exploration of Tokyo's cutting-edge 80s sound, through the music of cult Japanese label Nippon Columbia and its Better Days imprint. Record label We Want Sounds have teamed up with journalist, British radio presenter and Japanese music expert Nick Luscombe - who was granted rare access to the much-guarded Nippon Columbia's vaults - for a masterful selection encapsulating the fascinating sound of Tokyo in the late 70s and 80s. Newly remastered, the collection includes sought-after rarities which have scarcely been released outside Japan. 

Great stuff, what a week.

Tomorrow is Black Friday. We have some really nice releases and they are browsable online in the RSD collection here. Although all shops are closed, someone in their infinite wisdom has insisted these releases can't be sold until 6pm. Ideas? Us neither, but there we go. We'll send out some choice cuts and links tomorrow afternoon.

- Drift

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