Records of the Week: Gia Margaret, Shirley Collins, Guardian Singles, The Orielles, Water From Your Eyes, Kassa Overall and Arlo Parks.

Records of the Week: Gia Margaret, Shirley Collins, Guardian Singles, The Orielles, Water From Your Eyes, Kassa Overall and Arlo Parks.

We Bubbling Hot…

Hello, Friends.

Romantic Piano is the fragile and absolutely beautiful new LP from Gia Margaret. We went totally wild for the Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist’s There's Always Glimmer debut and also the following ambient synth meditations of Mia Gargaret (produced as a product of losing her exquisite voice). Her third set remains instrumental, constructed on the piano with layers of stunning motifs and atmospherics. This really is sublime, our Record of the Week.

+ Available on limited Seaglass Wave translucent colour vinyl.

London trio Pozi return with their second LP - and Dinked debut - Smiling Pools. A really intelligent set that sees them venture into some pretty wonky spaces on the very knife-edge of post-punk. It’s weirdly uplifting, but there’s a great depth that spreads across the whole LP. A huge offering. Active listening is highly recommended here.

+ Available on Whirlpool Red coloured vinyl, and Poolside Blue Vinyl.

Shirley Collins - Archangel Hill

Shirley Collins, One of the most important voices in British folk music returns with Archangel Hill, her third album for Domino. The album showcases another peerless collection of songs chosen by Collins, most from traditional sources but others from favourite writers of hers. She is quite remarkable; so deeply rooted into the songs. Her voice sounds amazing, it’s raw and fragile and just so honest. A proper, proper icon.

+ Available on Limited Green Grass colour vinyl.

Feed Me To The Doves is the clattering and urgent return of New Zealand post-punk group Guardian Singles. Lusher and fuller than their debut (recorded at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios in Auckland), but still a thrashing document of a band that really brings it. Love ‘em.

+ Available on exclusive Whirlpool Blue colour vinyl.

The Goyt Method is the experimental new EP from Drift favourites The Orielles. It’s both hugely ambitious and really captivating; disconnecting then reforming the pieces of the band’s excellent Tableau LP into something totally unexpected. Experimental but focused, this is really good stuff.

Everyone's Crushed is the fifth album from duo Water From Your Eyes, their first with Matador Records. There is a lot of pop sensibility, but it’s really all rather complicated, with Neoclassical plucks and drones creating some serious brooding energy only then to flip into a pounding DIY electro punk. Funny, sad and really enthralling.

+ Available on limited Red colour vinyl.

Animals is the kaleidoscopic Warp Records debut from Grammy-nominated musician, emcee, singer, producer and drummer Kassa Overall. A really lush flow through Jazz and Rap, this one has such a lightness of touch.

My Soft Machine is the huge new album from Mercury Prize-winning artist Arlo Parks. A coming of age album that charts her meteoric rise.

+ Available on exclusive Transparent Green colour vinyl.

+ Available as a limited box set edition (includes a tote, a print, a poster and a friendship bracelet).

Also this week; Through and Through is the new album from Los Angeles singer Baby Rose, a really stunning voice. The inimitable Sparks return with The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte. We have a limited picture disc if you’re quick. GUT, the brand new album from Ivor Novello-winning musician and composer Daniel Blumberg. We have a limited pressing of Hannah Peel’s original score for The Midwich Cuckoos. Not quite here, but en route is Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay’s collaborative set. That's really fantastic (as you’d well imagine)

Lastly today, Paradise Crick are this week’s most sublime moments of calm, really lush, explorative ambient music from M. Sage via RVNG INTL. It’s all very natural and it’s making me feel alright.

Best New Reissues (we’ll talk about this more next week) include; Nucleus, Fridge, Calexico, Kikagaku Moyo, The Exploding Hearts and Malcolm McLaren.

See you out there!

- Drift


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