Metronomy - Metronomy Forever

Welcome back to our Sea Change 2019 headliner and the hugely anticipated return of Metronomy on record with the euphoric Metronomy Forever.

The seventeen-track double album - our Record of the Week - has absolutely everything in one place that makes the band such an idiosyncratic and influential outfit. There are plenty of utter pop bangers
 (Salted Caramel Ice Cream is far too cheeky for words) that positively drip in crystalline pop production, but they are all the more glimmering against the introspective ambience and woozy soundscapes that completes the trip. And that's what it is: a trip through an imagined space and time with one of the finest producers around. Another immaculate addition to the Metronomy canon and a very strong shout for some of his finest moments.

+ Limited 3LP edition is pressed on Transparent Orange vinyl, including an extra LP (Transparent green vinyl) of mixes. Housed in a special 8 page gatefold sleeve.

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