ROTW: Moses Sumney, Perfume Genius, Frazey Ford, Sex Swing, Jason Isbell, Jess Williamson and Sleaford Mods

ROTW: Moses Sumney, Perfume Genius, Frazey Ford, Sex Swing, Jason Isbell, Jess Williamson and Sleaford Mods

Third of the week... bit much? We just have so much to chat to you all about.

Hello, Friends.

Record of the Week is quite a marvel, Moses Sumney’s 20-track double album Græ. The first part was released digitally back in February, but listening to the two pieces united is really quite something. The production is full and decadent and imaginative, but its his voice that just grabs you and holds you. He is capable of the gymnastics, but he only uses them as a way to drive the narrative rather than idly warbling. A vocal warmth of tone that is almost like an instrument in itself. It really is a pretty stunning collection and deserves loads of repeat visits. 

+ The limited double LP black and white vinyl is really stunning, the package is beautiful. 

BIG return, with Perfume Genius releasing Set My Heart On Fire Immediately on Matador. It's produced again with Blake Mills and has ever such a lot going on. Pounding, driving synths, whirling strings, weird chopping rhythms... and that can be in the same song. Really smart and really interesting. It's another one to need a second dive into. Highly recommended. 

+ Indies Only double LP edition on transparent blue vinyl

Frazey Ford releases U Kin B the Sun on Arts & Crafts and she sounds brilliant. The songs pull way more on Funk & Soul than the Bluegrass or Country that you might expect, but vocally she just drives it brilliantly. A really strong set of songs, she's going to win a lot of new friends with this one.

Delighted to have Sex Swing back, this week releasing Type II on Rocket. Dark, sinister and full of thrilling drive. They get locked into a rhythm and leave you swaying on their every word, really special stuff this.

+ Available on either Frosted Clear or limited Grey/Cream swirl vinyl. 

Perfume Genius

Jess Williamson releases Sorceress via Mexican Summer and she sounds beautiful. It's brilliantly understated, she sounds smokey and thoughtful over the often sparse arrangements. A really brilliant voice and a lovely spooky vibe here, strangely nostalgic 

+ Indies Only LP on Crystal Ball Coloured vinyl

Reunions is Jason Isbell's seventh full-length studio album and the fourth released with his band, the 400 Unit. It's another brilliantly understated album, personal songs delivered with empathy and a lot of control, he's really is a great songwriter. 

+ Indies edition in Opaque Creamsicle coloured vinyl

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down return with Temple. Really lush vibes here, a small choir of Thao singing in unison is pure joy. Great production here, really gives her plenty of room to articulate some pretty big themes.

+ Indie Exclusive - limited pressing is on transparent salmon vinyl with a 24x12 folded poster

Hamilton Leithauser (formerly frontman of The Walkmen) returns with The Loves Of Your Life. Vocally he sounds magnificent, he really does have one of the most distinct and swooning vocals of the last decade. Its his love letter to people he's met and NYC, and it's very good.

Couple of limited bits to flag up. We have a limited edition of the new Paradise Lost LP - Obsidian - on transparent blue vinyl. We also have The Teskey Brothers' Live At The Forum album with an indie exclusive sleeve.

Now, we are also expecting stock very very shortly from ADULT and Hanni El Khatib. We'll talk about all three when they land, but we have put all three on the playlist for you to get your ears warmed up.

Frazey Ford - U Kin B the Sun

If you have ever heard Sleaford Mods in passing and thought 'damn, I want to get into that band', then we have just the thing for you. All That Glue is a collection of songs spanning the last seven years of the band's career; an array of crowd pleasers, B sides, unheard tracks and rarities for fans and the curious. They're such an important duo; uncompromising, thrilling and more than a little gnarly.

+ Our indie shop version double LP is pressed on limited white coloured vinyl. The LP also includes a 16-page, A5 booklet documenting the history and rise of Sleaford Mods.

Last years 'Pacific Breeze' compilation on Light In The Attic received much love and heavy plays in this part of the world, so today, with giddy heads, we have welcomed back the Devon sun with the second edition in this excellent series with Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986. Such a great vibe here and another set of sought-after tunes, most of which have never before been available outside of Japan. In a day of fantastic new music, LITA have again dropped an essential vibe.

Worth also flagging up that volume one (as it's now known) will shortly be available on a brand new “Summer Fun” Tricolor vinyl edition, limited to just 500 copies worldwide. Landing pretty soon.

We have just this minute taken stock of an EPIC fabric restock so we'll be getting all of that online very shortly. Thanks for your patience on the 420 tee, they will be in the post tomorrow... They look incredible!

Enjoy a weekly playlist below, and lets speak soon!

- Drift


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