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ROTW: W. H. Lung, Rozi Plain, Weyes Blood and The Proper Ornaments

Welcome to April. A month of many excellent new records, that big old record shop party day and plenty more we're sure.

Hello, Friends.

Starting things off today with two records that are very special to us. New releases today from W. H. Lung and Rozi Plain who both delivery exclusive Dinked Editions for us and will both be joining us in Devon next month for Sea Change IV.

Incidental Music is an album we've been waiting a long time for. W. H. Lung release their debut on Melodic and it is our April Record of the Month. It is a hugely assured debut from the Manchester band, a motorik drive throughout with brilliantly crafted songs that slowly evolve and reach euphonic highs. Where as it could so easily have fallen into pastiche or homage, it remains tight, tense and hugely enjoyable with eight songs that run at a beautiful pace without ever overstaying their welcome. Really quite brilliant stuff and just you watch the press roll in on this one!

+ We have a handful of Dinked Editions left and they are online... now!

Rozi Plain returns with her new LP What a Boost on Memphis Industries. Such a lush vibe to this record, a free-flowing transience with hazy harmonies and intimate drum rolls and guitar licks that all feels so effortless. It was self-produced with the help of a long list of musical friends including Kate Stables, Jamie Whitby Coles, Neil Smith (all of This is the Kit), Chris Cohen, Joel Wästberg and Sam Amidon. Really lovely stuff.

+ Our Dinked Edition has SOLD OUT, but we DO have the Indie Shop edition that is pressed on Glow In The Dark vinyl. Not many mind!

Record of the Week feels like one of those records that is going to pick up ever more momentum all year, until everyone is raving about it... quite right too! Weyes Blood (a.k.a. Natalie Mering)releases Titanic Rising on Sub Pop and it is very special indeed. Co-produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado, it is all about years of memory and feeling and the courage to explore them with some really out-there sonic techniques. Based equally in pop music and experimental ambience, it's a beautifully vivid album of weird tones and brilliant songs. Gloriously indecipherable instruments with warbling tape loops that frame her voice perfectly. 

Beautifully delivered and even the sleeve is an absolute peach!

+ Limited Indie-shop-only 'Loser' LP version is pressed on red coloured vinyl.

W H Lung

Six Lenins, the third album release from The Proper Ornaments, sees the band master their seemingly effortless but finely-wrought sound as their songwriting prowess refuses to plateau. Lush jangling riffs and they were magnificent in session for Marc Riley the other night.

+ The Indie LP is limited to just 300 copies and is pressed on transparent vinyl.

We love it when a band genuinely sound like no one else! Released on the excellent Prah Recordings, PZ1 is Pozi's first foray into the world of what might loosely be called rock music and sees the London three-piece launch upon the world their first collection of politically and emotionally charged punk pop mini-anthems. Been playing this loads.

It Rains Love is the new LP from Lee Fields & The Expressions. Those who have paid attention know that Lee is part of the class that is directly responsible for the revival of old school funk and soul. Really feeling this record, classic soul vibes with loads of heart, he gives it max.

+ Collectors Edition LP is on translucent red vinyl & is exclusive for Indie stores.
+ Limited Edition 2CD Version Contains Bonus Disc With Instrumental Album.

Grumbling Fur's Daniel O'Sullivan releases Folly, the second album under his own name. Really big songs, super complex, smart and all drenched in a sort of analogue experimentalism that plays at hiding a very good pop song writer.  

+ The LP is pressed on Yellow vinyl

A slightly re-formatted Idlewild return sounding suitably invigorated with Interview Music.

+ Limited Indie shop version LP is pressed on red coloured vinyl

The Seduction Of Kansas is the second studio LP from Priests. Working with John Congleton the album retains their raw and ferocious punk attitude, but gives it a pounding pop sensibility. Really good stuff this. Can't understand why this band aren't huge (yet).

+ Limited Edition Indies only vinyl pressed on Pink, with Download.

Two years on from the critically acclaimed Stellular, Rose Elinor Dougall returns with her third solo album A New Illusion

Huge infectious riffs from Martha with Love Keeps Kicking. Tons of energy here.

+ Indies Only Edition vinyl is a limited Blood Red pressing.

Long overdue return on Ba Da Bing from Lady Lamb with Even In The Tremor.

+ Indie LP version limited to just 100 copies and is pressed on coloured vinyl.

Disciples follow up the raid on the archives of Black Lodge with Rave 'Till You Cry by enigmatic producer Bogdan Raczynski, a collection of unreleased tracks and versions.

Not only but also, new releases from JAWSCirca Waves and Luke Sital-Singh all on the front racks.

Last new one this week is a peach. NYC author / writer / actor Larry "Ratso" Sloman has collaborated with some of the most dynamic figures in pop culture from Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, John Cale and Leonard Cohen. Ratso also wrote the best-selling memoirs for Howard Stern, Anthony Kiedis and Mike Tyson. Now at 70, Ratso releases debut LP Stubborn Heart. The Nick Cave duet is pretty magical.

+ LP is pressed on Limited Champagne Gold Coloured Vinyl

David Bowie

Soul Jazz Records Presents - Fashion Records: Style & Fashion, a new collection of music from the great Fashion Records, one of the most important and iconic independent reggae labels to come out of the UK. Amazingly for a small independent label, a number of Fashion artists achieved mainstream UK chart and crossover success, including Laurel & Hardy, Smiley Culture and General Levy.

More of the Sea Change connection with TVAM's essential debut Psychic Data receiving a new Indie Only White Vinyl pressing. We have a right stack of them over here.

Nirvana's Live At The Paramount - the only Nirvana show ever to be shot on 16mm film - gets a vinyl press today. It was recorded at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on October 31, 1991.

We mentioned it all too early the other week, but Richard Swift's Dressed Up For The Letdown, Ground Trouble Jaw / Walt Wolfman and The Atlantic Ocean are all repressed and on the racks. Such a brilliant musician and such a loss.

Out of the ashes of Joy Division, the remaining members decided to carry on recording under the name of New Order. The band’s debut album Movement recorded between 24th April to the 4th May 1981 at Strawberry in Stockport and featuring all new material, produced by Martin Hannett was released in 11th November 1981 on Factory Records. The Movement [Definitive Edition] Boxed set includes the vinyl LP with its original iconic sleeve designed by Peter Saville, original album CD in replica mini album sleeve, a bonus CD of previously unreleased tracks, DVD of live shows and TV appearances plus hard backed book all housed in a lift off lid box. Pretty spectacular delivery on this one.

With 2019 marking 50 years since David Bowie’s first hit, Space Oddity, Parlophone is releasing a 7" vinyl singles box set of nine previously unreleased recordings from the era during which 'Space Oddity' was first conceived. Spying Through a Keyhole, a 4 x 7" box set with some pretty raw recordings, is fascinating stuff and an intimate look into his evolving song writing process.

Next Friday has some pretty big hitters, then the following day we'll be going bonkers for the day with all those exclusives... as ever, it's high times at Drift.

See you there!


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