ROTW: Will Burns & Hannah Peel, Jenny Lewis, These New Puritans, Lambchop, Apparat, Strand of Oaks

ROTW: Will Burns & Hannah Peel, Jenny Lewis, These New Puritans, Lambchop, Apparat, Strand of Oaks

It's Spring. Fact. Sea Change is in the air with Will and Hannah, and March delivers again with a TON of new stuff.

Hello, Friends.

Record of the Week is an album we just adore. Will Burns and Hannah Peel have collaborated for the amazing Rivertones label and their Chalk Hill Blue LP is rare and utterly captivating. Produced by Erland Cooper, it's a record of electronic ruralism, channeling lives threaded through the chalk landscapes of Southern England. Hannah's futuristic electronic minimalism washing around Will's quietly intense poetry. Couldn't be more thrilled to have them playing live for us at Sea Change in our Church. It was in fact one of the very first things we booked.

On The Line is the highly anticipated fourth solo LP from Jenny Lewis. Gorgeous songs full of cinematic charm... quite dark too!

+ Limited Indie Shop version pressed on 'sheer dress blue' coloured vinyl.

These New Puritans return after a long absence this week with new album Inside The Rose. Hugely accomplished set of songs, emotionally open and a perfectly balanced waltz through cosmic dreamscapes. Electronic and classical not so much colliding, but existing somewhere really quite different. The packaging on both CD and LP editions is really really lush.

The mighty Lambchop continue one of the most constantly fascinating musical journeys with new LP This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You). The Alt Country scene they quietly pioneered is now so far in the distance, this is somewhere more like cosmic soul and it's a hell of a ride. They are the finest.

+ Limited, Indie shop edition pressed on white vinyl, packaged with a large-size booklet.

Mid-western post-rock-emo-goliaths' American Football return with their third self-titled LP and it's pretty formidable. Big and thoughtful and in danger of being quite a massive cross over hit.

+ Limited indie shop Marble Blue Vinyl.

LP5 is the LUSH return from Apparat on Mute. Berlin based artist Sascha Ring has most recently been two of the six limbs of Moderat (the trio he founded with Modeselektor’s Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) and LP5 feels like a personal peice of time, lush building and evolving music. Some really gorgeous moments and when it locks into a beat... damn!

+ Indies only LP on Pink vinyl.

Jenny Lewis

Chicago-based guitarist Bill MacKay returns on Drag City with Fountain Fire. Pretty, intricate and full of growling picked strings. A lush meeting of traditional and quite alt.

Eraserland is the latest from Timothy Showalter as Strand Of Oaks. Introspective and hand crafted songs that play out beautifully on their own or as part of big, full rock and roll sets. Jason Isbell rips some serious riffs.

+ Exclusive cloudy white vinyl pressing.

Doko Mien is the third full-length release from Ibibio Sound Machine, the Nigerian Afro-electronic band led by London-born Eno Williams. Eno really is the star here, she is a fully formed main event and the LP is really great fun. 

+ Indie shop LP is pressed on white vinyl and is housed in a matte and gold gatefold sleeve. Limited to just 1500 worldwide.

Andrew Bird is back with a new album aptly titled My Finest Work Yet. Andrew has put together his creative dream team to bring his new album and campaign to life. Swooning from close and intimate to expansive and cinematic. He really is good.

The Britpop heroes Sleeper dodge nostalgia with their comeback album, The Modern Age, released 22 years since its predecessor. Louise sounds great and there are some lush riffs here.

+ Limited Indie LP version pressed on coloured vinyl.

Cows On Hourglass Pond is the new album from Avey Tare, a.k.a Dave Portner of Animal Collective. Sonic wanderings without ever idling around aimlessly, it's a really great journey.

This week's most played new LP is Significant Changes from Jayda G. The Canadian producer (Berlin based) is a brilliant academic and Significant Changes is perfectly constructed, it's like she is making you move at whim. Thats not to say it's dry, it feels beautifully constructed by human hands. Lush.

Silver Tongues is the latest pummelling release on Balley Records (IDLES, Heavy Lungs, Lice). Crows make brooding, heavy music, but the songs are key here. Great stuff.

DC punks Ex Hex release their highly anticipated It’s Real LP (it's been five years!) and it's a cracker. A lush mix of retro power riffs and futuristic glam.

+ Limited indie shop LP is housed in a matte jacket and is pressed on pink and blue swirl vinyl.

This week's New Order 12"  is Temptation. Proper banger.

Nérija are a septet comprised of; Nubya Garcia (tenor saxophone), Sheila Maurice-Grey (trumpet), Cassie Kinoshi (alto saxophone), Rosie Turton (trombone), Shirley Tetteh (guitar), Lizy Exell (drums) and Rio Kai (bass). Their self-titled first offering is an EP that will put them rightfully into conversations about contemporary funk, soul and jazz. This is so lush it hurts. 

Heavenly deliver more solid gold in the big house bag. Des Bras is a super limited 7" from Halo Maud with an Andy Votel remix on the flip side. Honestly, we have a pinch.

Modern Nature - the name taken from the title of Derek Jarman’s garden diaries - is the new project from Jack Cooper, ex of Ultimate Painting/ Mazes and Will Young of Beak featuring Aaron Neveu of Woods and Sunwatchers’ Jeff Tobias on saxophone. They release the Nature EPon Bella union this week and HONESTLY, the last cut Supernature is the most thrilling thing we've heard this year. 

Drift favourite Laurel Halo gets a shake at the much-loved DJ Kicks and also drops some brand-new material just for this release. Hardly knew any of this, all lush, one of the best DJ Kicks in years.

Long overdue reissue of Molly Nilsson's History (an early release, her fourth), now repackaged and reissued via Night School.

Sub Pop put out a lush (deluxe) 2019 repress (including loser edition) of Iron & Wine's Our Endless Numbered Days. Features the original album, plus eight previously unreleased demo versions and a 12-page booklet with an essay about the album by Amanda Petrusich.

Asian Dub Foundation's Rafis Revenge gets a 20th Anniversary Edition, including limited Indie 2LP version pressed on white coloured vinyl.

Originally released in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Wedding Album was the couple's third experimental, album-length record, and one of the most remarkable of the duo’s testaments to an intense romantic and artistic partnership that would last fourteen years, until Lennon’s tragic passing in 1980. This limited Indie record shop-only LP pressing on 'white wedding' vinyl is really something else with some lush details. Pop fact: this replica is authentic to the original, even the same company that made the boxes the first time round have returned to make this release's packaging!

Last one today and likely to be our #NowPlaying for most of the weekend is Paradise of Bachelors's reissue of Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band Pedal Steal + Four Corners. It's one that is often referenced, but it's been a joy to check out properly at Drift HQ. All audio has been meticulously remastered from the original master tapes for this first-ever vinyl edition of Pedal Steal (1985) and first-ever release of the Four Corners radio plays (1986–1993).

I love Terry. He’s a funny son of a bitch. - Guy Clark

So that was a lot right! Enjoy reading, enjoy digging and browsing.

- Drift


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