March Playlist

Below is a playlist for you covering the vast majority of what we'll be covering this March. 

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We're backing the Bad Guys

Out in a few days is Bad Guynaecology, the second album from Hackney's Bad Guys.It was recorded in a snake pit, in a quarry, on top of a mountain, in...

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Blur poster competition

We teased this on twitter as 'something we're excited about...' we still are and if you're into Blur, we're pretty sure you'll be excited too. To celebrate the release of their...

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Record Club: Brain Rays

On Tuesday 31st March we welcome you to a special edition of Drift Record Club, it'll be a pre-release playback for the forthcoming Brain Rays album.Brain Rays is the solo project...

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Broadcast Reissues

On Monday 9th March, The Warp label are making the Broadcast back catalogue available, all freshly pressed on vinyl, some for the first time in a decade. You can preorder them...

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Drift x Ninja Tune

We're so psyched to announce that our 2015 Record Store Day Label In Residence will be Ninja Tune. Members of the Ninja roster and offices will be down in Devon...

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